How To Improve SEO In WordPress

How To Improve SEO In WordPress

The WordPress CMS gives us a multitude of options to optimize the SEO of our pages. If we want to improve SEO in WordPress, there are many actions that we can take into account in order to achieve our goals.

You must bear in mind that with a web page alone, you will not be able to attract customers. You need to position it to get results.

In that sense, if you want to improve on-page SEO in WordPress, there are some tips that you can take into account. 

Tips To Improve WordPress SEO

There are several elements that you must take into account if you want to position a WordPress website. We show them to you.

Download The SEO Yoast Plugin For WordPress

The most popular WordPress SEO plugin is Yoast SEO. It is a very effective tool that allows you to customize the meta-titles and meta-descriptions of each of your posts and pages. It also provides you with relevant information so that you can optimize the SEO on-page of an article in the most effective way.

Work On Your SEO Description

The SEO description in WordPress is one of the most relevant aspects to achieve a good CTR, as well as the meta-title. Creating engaging descriptions that include emoticons or something that attracts attention will help your pages rank higher.

Fill In The Title Of The Images

Many times we tend to ignore the important role that images play when creating an entry in WordPress. But the truth is that all elements of the image matter. The title, alternative text, “alt” text and description of the image can be very helpful.

Also note that when uploading an image, you must customize the file name to include keywords. Then it will be easier to locate in Google Images, and it can also report good positioning.

Take Into Account The Legibility Of The Texts

When you use the SEO by Yoast plugin, you will notice that in each entry you get some indicators about the legibility of the post. This has to do with how easy or difficult it is to read your article.

The higher your score, the easier it is for readers to read the article. In a WordPress blog post, everything matters. From the fact that there are no long paragraphs to making a good division of the article in titles and meta titles.

Find Suitable Keywords For Yours WordPress Posts

It is also very important that you can find the most suitable keywords for the articles you publish. It is not just about optimizing the text for SEO, but about choosing the main keyword that has searches and defines the topic of the post well, which fits the search intent of the users.

To do this, you can use all kinds of SEO tools outside of WordPress. For example, using SEMRush, Dinorank and similar tools, you will be able to search for keywords and achieve the results you need.

Optimize Your WordPress SEO On Page

If you have a WordPress website, one of the essential aspects you need is to improve SEO.

To improve SEO, you need to review the content you already have to adjust it to your SEO strategy. In addition, it is important to generate new content that helps you generate traffic and get more potential customers on your website.

If you want us to help you in this area, we invite you to request our SEO positioning services for companies. In this way, you can have a clearer vision of how to continue advancing with your project and optimize the content you have right now.

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