What To Do With Old Blog Content?

Old Blog Content

Old blog content can be a very important resource. That’s why updating them correctly can bring great results.

It is possible to increase the incoming traffic of a blog without writing even a single new article: you just need to know how to update the old contents correctly, which can represent an important resource many years after their publication. In this guide, we will find out together what to do with old blog content.

How to take advantage of old blog content

Periodically posting fresh new content on the blog is certainly a great way to make users and Google understand that you are always on the spot and updated on the latest trends. In the same way, however, it is equally important to update the old posts with the latest information and the latest data related to the topic addressed.

The Google algorithm, among the various parameters it takes into consideration when choosing the results to show to users who search within it, rewards the most up-to-date content. Not only that: over the years, Google has changed the algorithm that regulates the positioning of content in the SERP several times, using different criteria and enhancing different aspects of the organization of the texts from time to time.

For this reason, intervening in the old contents of the blog to re-elaborate them in an SEO perspective in the light of the latest updates allows you to improve their positioning on the results page in the search engine.

Optimizing old blog posts, specifically, means:

  • strengthen the presence of keywords in the text and in the metadata;
  • add new paragraphs in light of the analysis of related keywords ;
  • improve formatting to make the content more readable by users and search engines;
  • insert new images ;
  • check for broken links and improve internal links.

Once the older blog contents have been updated, it is good practice to bring new clicks to those pages by sharing those posts on social networks or advertising them in your newsletter. Over the years, in fact, the blog may have attracted new readers who, perhaps, have not had the opportunity or had previously had no interest in reading those certain contents considered old and/or outdated.

Is it correct to delete the contents of the blog deemed useless?

Whether or not to delete old blog contents that are now considered useless, for example, because they were published several years ago without an SEO logic and no longer generate traffic, remains a much-debated issue.

Some believe that it is right to delete the useless content of the blog for a matter of crawl budget, that is, to save Google precious resources when it crawls all the content on the site, making sure that it concentrates its focus on the most valid and traffic-generating content.

In 2016, Google itself, in the person of its Webmaster Trends Analyst John Müller, brought to the fore the possible negative effect of this content on the speed with which Google scans a site while adding, however, that just deleting older content does not automatically lead to advantages in terms of ranking on Google.

Deleting blog content is not a trivial operation, and, in light of the above, it is important to analyze case by case, evaluating the possibility of intervening in the post to make the necessary improvements.

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