10 Golden Rules For An Effective Blog


Today, there is no need to convince anyone that the blogosphere is an effective marketing tool, regardless of the nature of the business. It attracts new customers, builds a positive, expert image of the company and – as marketing research shows – increases real income, in some cases even by more than a half! Blogging makes sense, however, when the content, i.e. the substantive content of the blog, is well-thought-out and adapted to the needs of a specific group of customers. So how to create effective content so that our reputation grows? We will suggest some valuable solutions. Here are the top 10 tips!

10 golden rules for an effective blog according to experts

  1. Choose the topic you want. Nobody will read lengthy entries today, and yours must be closely related to the nature of your business. Just write on the topic.
  2. Choose your host well. Here, it is worth using the advice of an IT specialist friend, not necessarily the advice of the company, but simply the experts on the subject. An effective host will help you avoid crashes, data loss, and publishing interruptions.
  3. Register the domain and any subdomain. Purchasing one is as important as choosing a host. It is not worth saving on quality. A good domain is a good technical quality of the blog’s operation.
  4. Decide who will run the website and manage its service. It is not always necessary to do it in person, and sometimes it is worth entrusting this task to a specialist, i.e. a copywriter. It is important that the blog is substantive and interesting for the recipient.
  5. Content is the queen of the blog! This golden maxim should accompany us with every entry and every resource update. After all, the recipient must be willing to come back to us, and only valuable content given in good form is a motivation for systematic reading.
  6. Pay attention to the graphic form; let it be pleasing to the eye and kept in an attractive design. The blog is also a visual space; let’s take care of its quality.
  7. Prepare tools that provoke the recipient’s reactivity. All surveys, plebiscites and mini-competitions with prizes in the form of advertising gadgets will work here. Let customers discuss, comment and thus position our blog on the web.
  8. Decide what frequency of entries is appropriate. As a standard, they are updated once a week, but it all depends on our business’s industry and nature. Some will need one article a month; others will need daily updates. Choose predictability and regularity, and it pays off in the brand building.
  9. Test it, and then just start your blog. It is worth choosing a trial version and checking how our solutions work. As with any prototype, implementing effective solutions requires patience. 
  10. Check effectiveness. Install a hits counter, count comments, send invitations to users, in a word: check once in a while, preferably once a month, whether the blog is working.

A blog is a reading room with contacts. 

When creating an effective website, it is worth realizing that it is a form of inviting a potential customer of our store to contact you with goods or services. So you have to ask yourself the question: what would the buyer want to know, how to prepare individual tabs so that they are clear and transparent, and finally: how to make him contact us about purchases. Maybe you will need to equip your blog with a virtual assistant or even an efficient contact form.

Read to write 

If we decide to run the website on our own, it will be necessary to improve our writing skills. Valuable content must be presented in good, attractive form. So let’s watch experienced bloggers; let’s learn from them. All this to write great and win the online battle for audience attention. Today’s blogosphere promotes good writers; even if we are representatives of a non-literary industry, our texts must be really good for anyone to look at them.

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