What Are Instagram Stories, And Why Should You Do Them?

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories can help keep your followers interested. Find out more about Instagram Stories and their marketing potential.

Instagram Stories have multiple potentials, and their widespread popularity now makes them essential for anyone who wants to implement a social media marketing strategy. It is important, however, to know how to best use them. Here’s how to create stories on your business Instagram page.

What are Instagram Stories

The Instagram Stories, or Instagram Stories, are texts, photos, and short videos (with a maximum duration of 15 seconds) that can be inserted into your profile on Instagram in a dedicated section, where they remain visible for 24 hours. After the “deletion” of the content, the author can insert the Instagram Story within the “featured content” in the profile, thus allowing followers to view it at any time.

How to create an Instagram story

Creating an Instagram Story is easy (if you know how to do it). The first step is to start the app by pressing the icon on the smartphone’s home screen. Then, you need to log in with your account details (e-mail and password). You must click on the camera icon at the top left of the home screen. You may be asked to grant camera and microphone permissions at this point.

Once you have completed all these operations, you can actually create your own Story, which can be textual content, a photo, a video, a live stream, a boomerang, a superzoom, a portrait, or a rewind. An Instagram Stories can also host music chosen from the catalog made available by the social network.

Among the various upload options, it is possible to hide the Story from some of the followers, allow the reply to a limited number of them, and allow or not the sharing of the content.

Instagram Stories and Social Media Marketing: 5 useful tips

To take advantage of Instagram Stories within your social media marketing strategy, you need to plan your content following useful general guidelines to make them more effective and keep the interest of followers alive.

Curate the image of your Instagram Stories

To make your brand recognizable, it is useful to use similar templates for your Stories in order to make them immediately recognizable by followers. Instagram offers many pre-packaged but customizable layouts to your liking.

Be authentic in your Instagram Stories

“Put your face” (perhaps using “selfie-style videos “) is an effective strategy to convey authenticity and generate trust in the eyes of followers and potential customers. Instagram, in this regard, has studied the tool “Ask a question, “which allows the creator of the Story to answer questions from followers.

Create effective calls to action in Instagram Stories

The story of the brand through Instagram Stories must be well balanced with respect to the inclusion of calls-to-action aimed at followers and aimed at conversion. The fun and light tone typical of this Instagram feature requires you to avoid showing your “salesman” side too much. A useful expedient can be represented by the use of gifs (perhaps personalized) for the invitation to actions such as “swipe up, “link in bio,” and “shop now. “

Organize your Instagram Stories in the featured content

We have already mentioned the “Featured content” section, which hosts a series of Stories fixed at the top and divided into categories so that followers can always consult them. It is a feature that excellently lends itself to presenting the brand and its different souls and sending it back to your e-shop with a single click.

Analyze the results of your Instagram Stories

A good marketing strategy cannot ignore the analysis of the results, and, in this, the strategies undertaken through Instagram Stories certainly make no difference. A careful and in-depth look at the insights, starting from the number of views of the Instagram Stories, allows you to understand what followers like and which direction to take.

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