Google Shopping: What It Is And How It Works

Google Shopping

Do you have e-commerce? Find out how Google Shopping can help you promote and sell your products.

Google Shopping helps businesses promote and sell their products and allows shoppers to find them within the search engine quickly and easily. Now let’s find out how this service can help companies that have e-commerce.

What is Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a tool made available by the Mountain View company, formerly known as Froogle and, later, as Google Product Search. The service allows:

  • retailers and e-commerce companies to advertise their physical products on Google
  • Users can compare various online shopping websites with just a few clicks in order to quickly find the items they want to buy.

How Google Shopping works

Google Shopping works like a common search engine, within which you can find products of any kind. Users have the ability to filter results based on certain parameters, such as price or dealer.

Google Shopping ads are not presented as simple text ads but are accompanied by information on products and photographs.

To sell their products on Google Shop, business owners must create an account on Google Merchant Center. This is the specific tool dedicated to uploading the data of your shop and your products to the search engine in order to make them available both for Shopping ads and for other Google services.

Shopping ads make it easy for shoppers to find a company’s products on Google and allow sellers to attract more potential buyers (by reaching them at the exact moment they are looking for items to buy on Google) and to check information. Relating to its products advertised on the Net (ensuring they are always accurate and updated).

Before being able to create their account on Google Merchant Center and set up their product data, the business owner must ensure that the company complies with the guidelines provided by the service.

Specifically, the company must:

  • Promote only products available for direct purchase;
  • Use a single official language;
  • Clearly communicate to customers the regulations on returns and refunds;
  • Collect and process the data of its users responsibly and securely;
  • Follow the Shopping Ads policies;
  • Verify and claim the URL of your website;
  • Meet the website requirements imposed by the service;
  • Verify that the data conforms to the product data specification;
  • Log in periodically (at least once every 14 months) to the Merchant Center account to keep it active.

As for the costs of Google Shopping, however, it is good to know that in the process of creating a Shopping campaign, it is possible to set the spending limit that you want to incur for a click on your ads, as well as the average daily spending limit that you want to address for your own ads for that particular campaign.

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