4 Unconventional Digital Marketing Strategies Your E-Commerce Business Should Try


With the pandemic seeing consumers spending more time online, your e-commerce business is likely already well versed in a variety of digital marketing techniques. As we’ve previously discussed in Transform Your E-Commerce with These 24 Marketing Tips and Tricks, such techniques include SEO, influencer marketing, affiliate partnerships, and content marketing. However, everyone is using these strategies. SmallBizTrends’ report notes that, globally, 81% of online retailers use email marketing, 91% use content marketing, and 89% use social media to reach customers.

So why not think outside the box? These particular digital marketing strategies can help you stand out from the competition.

Rewards app partnerships

People are always looking for a good bargain, so consider teaming up with a rewards app. These are different from cash-back apps, which return to members a percentage of what they spend online.

Rewards apps like Shopkick and Fetch allow users to earn points by scanning receipts from virtually anywhere. According to AskMoney’s Fetch app review, these points can then redeem gift cards and other money-saving deals. The data from these receipts help determine consumer preferences, so you can send users deals for relevant products. Fetch CEO Wes Schroll says this can increase your revenue by over 30%. Some popular Fetch brand partners include Gerber and Unilever.

Podcast marketing

According to internal search engine provider DooFinder, podcasts are good for business because they come in an easy-to-consume format and are known to have loyal fanbases. Their article How To Create a Podcast To Get More Visits and Sales for Your Shop also reveals that 61% of people who listen to product ads in podcasts end up purchasing the featured items. This effect can be enhanced, especially if you place your ads in podcasts that are relevant to what you sell. For example, Four Sigmatic, a company that specializes in mushroom-based drinks, places ads in the podcast The Model Health Show. This podcast is rated as #1 in Fitness and Nutrition on iTunes.

Stealth tactics

Successful marketing often involves going under the radar. The “stealth” aspect of this strategy involves indirectly advertising your products to customers without them necessarily realizing it. The most effective way to do so is by disguising your tactics as word of mouth. Take the Starbucks cup that was left in the final cut of a Game of Thrones episode in 2019. The placement caused a buzz that earned the coffee giant an additional $2.3 billion in revenue that year. Though accidental, imagine what framing product placements as bloopers can do for your sales.

Handwritten mail marketing

Let’s face it: email marketing has become so overused that customers are likely to ignore your content. You can change all that by going back to the old ways and writing handwritten mail to loyal and prospective customers alike. In a world where everything is increasingly being automated, handwritten letters feel more personal and meaningful. What’s more, since they’ll be so unexpected, they’re likely to bring out delight in your recipients. After all, marketing today is all about connecting with customers at every point of their brand experience.

Of course, we understand that you may not have the time to write all these letters out yourself. Fortunately, companies like Simply Noted and Inkpact can get the job done for you.

The Internet is a vast place, and there are more ways to reach customers than you can imagine. Hopefully, this list inspires you to formulate more creative, innovative, and effective marketing strategies!

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