Twitter Blue, The Subscription Debuts In Australia And Canada

Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue is official. The subscription service that at the price of 2.99 euros offers access to additional features such as the possibility of canceling the tweet just sent or the one that allows access to the easy reading mode for chained messages has just been launched in Australia and Canada, priced at AU $ 4.49 and CAD 3.49, respectively.

There has been a lot of talk about this service in recent days, even among our pages, thanks to the surveys conducted by the application researcher Jane Manchun Wong, but now that the subscription has been launched, every detail can be discovered. As mentioned, it includes the function that allows you to cancel the sending of a tweet just launched: as soon as you press the “Send” button, subscribers will see a countdown of thirty seconds during which, by pressing the “Cancel” button, it will be able to cancel its publication before it is too late.

The reading mode, also correctly anticipated by the researcher, allows instead to merge the concatenated tweets into a single message, for easier reading of all its content. The Twitter Blue subscription also introduces the “Folders” function through which users can archive and categorize the tweets they read around the platform: in practice it is an expansion of the “Favorites” function, which inserts the tweets they liked in a single folder, while here you can create your own, giving it a particular name, in order to divide them according to your preferences.

The subscription also includes some purely aesthetic options, such as adding new interface color options and the ability to change the color of the app icon. Users who subscribe to the service can also have privileged access to customer support, thanks to which they will get the resolution of problems related to their account or subscription more quickly than others who use the social networks for free. As The Verge notes, this preferential route at least for the moment does not apply to reports of abuse and harassment.

The launch, as we said, started in Australia and Canada, which the company will use as pilot countries to see how the public will respond. Subsequently, unless you think back, it should be released in other countries.

We also remind you that from the first week of May Twitter displays larger images on iPhone and Android, while in March the social network turned 15. 

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