How To Pair Your Apple Watch With Your iPhone?

Apple Watch With Your iPhone

To get started with your Apple Watch, you need to “pair” with your iPhone by default. Let’s take a closer look at the pairing method.

The Apple Watch is a device that is supposed to be used with the iPhone, and you will need to ” pair ” the Apple Watch and iPhone to get started. Update your iPhone to the latest version in advance and start pairing.

1. Turn On Your Apple Watch

Press and hold the side button on your Apple Watch to turn it on. The Apple logo will be displayed, so wait for a while.

2. Set Language

When the language menu is displayed, tap [your choice language].

Tap the checkmark icon on the right.

3. Start Pairing

When the pairing message appears, tap Start Pairing.

You should see a pattern like the one above on your Apple Watch. This pattern acts as a QR code for pairing with your iPhone.

4. Launch The Apple Watch App On Your iPhone

Now operate the iPhone. Launch the Apple Watch app on the home screen.

Tap [Start Pairing].

5. Point Your iPhone’s Camera At Your Apple Watch

Point your iPhone’s camera at your Apple Watch and frame your screen.

6. Pairing Is Complete

The pairing is complete. This geometric pattern is cool. Then tap Set up Apple Watch.

The same pattern is displayed on the Apple Watch, indicating that pairing is complete.

7. Select The Arm To Wear

The iPhone has a screen called [Arm to wear]. Here, I will wear an Apple Watch on my left arm.

8. I agree with the Terms & Conditions

Check the terms of use and tap [Agree]. When the confirmation screen is displayed, tap [Agree] in the same way.

9. Set a Password For Your Apple ID

The same Apple ID as the iPhone will be displayed, so tap [Enter Password] and enter the password.

10. Check [Location Services], [Siri], And [Diagnosis]

Tap [OK] on each of the [Location Services], [Siri], and [Diagnosis] screens.

11. Create An Apple Watch Passcode

The Apple Watch Passcode screen is displayed. Here, we will set a passcode for Apple Watch, so tap [Create Passcode]. If you do not need it, tap [Do not add passcode].

12. Enter Your Passcode

Enter your passcode on your Apple Watch. Enter your 4-digit passcode twice.

13. Install The App On Your Apple Watch

The Install Available Apps screen appears on your iPhone. To install all the apps available on your Apple Watch, tap Install All.

14. iPhone And Apple Watch Start Syncing

The iPhone and Apple Watch have started syncing.

A similar screen is displayed on the Apple Watch. Wait for a while in this state.

15. Synchronization Is Complete

The sync is complete and the clock face is displayed on the screen of your Apple Watch!

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