Top 9 Video Editing Software Anyone Can Use

Video Editing Software

A good video about anything always gives you an upper edge over the content. Be it a simple birthday video including friends or videos to marketise your product. Good video editing always helps better representation. Several tools and software in the market help you edit, customise, or trim your video. Also, it has been proved that audio-visual representation always helps in better retention of facts instead of only visual stimulation. Video editing is essential as it blends images and sound effects and makes us emotionally connect to the thing we are watching; hence, in this article, I will list and brief about the top 9 video editing software that anyone can use to improve their video quality.

1. InVideo

If you want to edit videos hassle-free and have a good user interface, InVideo is the best software. This software provides 4000+ pre-made templates, 9m+ media, 70+ languages, and outstanding 24/7 online customer support. Their PR team and the CEO are very interactive and address queries quickly over social media. It keeps updating its video library, improves the standard video editing functions, and has a wide range of after-effects. Also, this software provides a high rendering rate and quality 4k videos, thereby improving the nature of the video. There is a free plan and a subscription plan of 20$ per month to use this software.

2. iMovie

It’s a well-known video editing software developed by Apple Inc. for macOS, iOS, and iPad devices. IMovie uses the Apple intermediate codec on the system as a QuickTime component. It helps to enhance video colour settings, multi-clip video effects, creating a split-screen, and manipulate the audio functioning in the video. It’s an excellent app for beginners and comes free with the purchase of a Mac. The only difficulty may lie with the transfer of files through an android device and subscription fees.

3. Bandicut Video Cutter

Bandicut video cutter places itself as one of the fastest video cutting and joining software, having an easy user interface. It provides the platform to extract video to Mp3 easily, split and join multiple files, and maintain the original video quality. It works with many file formats like AVI. MP4, MOV, MKV, MPEG, etc. It uses H.264 video encoders which help to cut or join videos at high speed and excellent quality. The cost of Bandicam+ Bandicut 1 PC is around 60$.

4. Video Wizard

Another fast and quick video editing software is the video wizard. It uses the latest MPEG editor with DVD authoring and a full AC-3 encoder to ensure a professional video. It has a high and intelligent rendering system with excellent quality preservation. Though you can use this software on iPhone and IPad, it’s not for Mac users. It comes in 4 languages (English, Chinese, Chinese simplified, and German). The one-time purchase is around $99.

5. Corel Video Studio

Another favourite and high-rated video editing app is the Corel VideoStudio developed by the Ulead systems. It helps to do basic editing kinds of stuff for beginners providing both storyboard and timeline-oriented editing. A unique feature called ‘Smart Render’ renders only the edited portions of the video, helping the user edit the footage and create temporary files, which allows the final rendering much faster. It only supports the Microsoft interface, which can be a drawback for many.

6. Cyber Link Power Director

Cyber link power director is a powerful video editing software out there. It has a great tutorial video that will make you accustomed to its buts and functioning. This software helps to mask and blend scenes, helps in keyframing with smooth animated effects, has an excellent green screen, matches the colour and LUTs quickly, and an accurate motion tracking system. The annual subscription fee is Rs.4199.

7. Adobe Premiere Pro

If we talk about the most famous editing software currently globally, it has to be premiere pro. It has good integration with other apps and services and has a good user interface. With this, you can edit footage in any format, from 8k to virtual reality. Even if you are new to video editing, you can learn quickly in tutorials uploaded by them. It helps to automatically reformat your videos, adjust curves using volumetric colour tools, save time with stock audio and detect edits automatically with the help of Adobe sensei AI. The annual plan costs around Rs.20k.

8. Pinnacle Studio

It is a consumer-level software developed by the pinnacle systems and a good-rated video editing program. It works on both Windows and iOS operating systems. The latest version released in 2020 provides unlimited tracks, 4k video support, multi-camera editing, enhanced motion tracking, high definition video masking, enhanced audio overlay, converting VHS to DVD, and additional resources. It also has a good user guide manual for beginners and a tutorial to set up your tone in editing. The latest version cost around one-time fees of 75$.

9. Lumen5

Lumen 5 is one of the most famous tools for bloggers and digital marketers. It has AI-powered solid technology and helps to fit out ideas and storyboards. It helps customise video covers with branding, edit and trim high-quality videos without disintegrating their quality, quick rendering, and quality marked filters to enhance the video. Sometimes the voice-over and customisations regarding volume music may go out of sync, but upgrades can correct these. The monthly plan for premium users is 59$ billed yearly.

So we see the different software being widely used amongst various companies and individuals for their video editing and marketing. I have listed in brief the various pros and cons related to this most used software. Hopefully, this article will help you to choose the perfect video editing software for your requirements and your budget so that you can start right away.

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