Software That Convert YouTube Mp4

Software That Convert YouTube Mp4

Today YouTube is an indispensable content platform in the lives of many people. According to figures, more than 2 billion users use YouTube each month to take advantage of the more than 500 hours of content uploaded every minute. Virtually all the videos uploaded to the site are free, and those with internet access can access them at any time. However, it is precisely the reason why many users want to download YouTube videos.

YouTube is the most common platform today to watch any videos, movies, TV shows, etc. But it has a major drawback in its system. These contents can only be shown from the YouTube app with a good internet speed. Sometimes, we need to download videos to watch later. But YouTube doesn’t have the facility for its users. Videos cannot be downloaded directly from YouTube. Only you can download the videos if you get permission from the copyright holder. You can download videos that don’t have any personal copyright. You can get complete information about it in YouTube’s terms of service. Downloading any video without copyright permission is a punishable offense.

YouTube MP4 converter is the solution to this problem. These converters allow you to download videos from YouTube and convert them to MP4 format so that you can save them anywhere and watch them later at your convenient time. This MP4 format supports devices like computers, iPhones, iPad, Android and almost all other devices. Also, the MP4 or MPEG-4 video format is a standard format created by the International Standard Organization (ISO). In this format, you can get a high-quality video as compared to others. Not only MP4, but the converter also converts the video to MP3, HD, 3GP, or any other format that supports your device. You can edit, cut, trim and back up the files also. This type of converter is ideal when you will be offline for an extended period.

The updated YouTube MP4 converters have preset profiles to choose your device’s exact format, setting, and resolution.

The Conversion Process Of YouTube Videos To MP4:

Mainly there are two steps in the conversion process of YouTube videos to MP4. Download the video from YouTube and then convert the video in MP4 format using the converter. First of all, copy the URL of the video and paste the same URL in the converter box. Then select the format in which you want to convert the video. After conversion, save the converted video in the desired location of your PC. Always remember to use a 100% safe and malware-free converter for this conversion purpose. Usually, this software offers free service for the basic version. You can download and install them on your computer. Also, there are several YouTube to MP4 converters that convert videos online.

Several software and online sites are available in the market like – aTube Catcher, 4K video downloader, and

The best part of a free converter is that it can be used on any system and free of cost. The performance and process are the same for all browsers and all devices. The process is to paste the video link in the search option and convert it to audio format.

Here Are The Steps Of Conversion Of YouTube MP4–

1. You can find a box in the free platform where you have to paste or type the name of the YouTube video.

2. Select the option of the format in which you want to convert the video, such as MP3 or MP4.
3. The file will be converted within a snap. Then download the converted file and save it.

Here Are Some Of Those Best YouTube MP4 Converters And Their Features –

1. Ontiva

Ontiva is a famous converter for its fast operations and simple process. It is a cutting-edge modern downloader free of cost, making it more attractive to users. If you need the Pro version, you have to pay an amount, but the basic free version is enough for use for most people. After conversion, the quality of the video will be the same. Along with the converter, it has a cutter and clipper also, and you can edit the video with the help of it. This converter can be downloaded on laptops, desktops, mobile phones, iPad, etc. No extra bulky software is needed for its operation that can be harmful to your device. The additional feature of this platform is that you can make GIFs through it. So, you can capture precious moments from YouTube videos with the help of the GIF tool. This downloader is famous, especially for its simple process. No other window is needed to open for doing the job.

Process Of The Converter:

1. Copy the URL of the video you want to convert
2. Paste it in the Ontiva bar
3. From the number of audio and video formats, choose the right one for you.
4. Click on the convert button, and the process will start. Wait for a few seconds.
5. Download the converted file and start playing the video. You can save it and listen at your convenient time.

2. Evano

Evano is not the same as another downloader. This platform wants to serve something different to its users. In this software, they care about your valuable data. When you convert a file, sometimes data may be lost that can’t be recovered again. While using Evano, you don’t have to worry about your data. High-quality products are delivered within a few moments.

There are countless files that are handled by companies and organizations in the world. That could be anything like audio, video, images, etc. These files need to be converted to another format very often. But these files may contain very personal and sensitive data, and loss of this information can’t be afforded by this organization. So, here is Evano for the solution to this problem. You don’t need any extra software to download in your system for converting videos through MP3download. The leading downloader in the market requires additional software that can slow down your device.

Evano is a straightforward platform, no extra nonsense things, no excess garbage. No additional software is required to be downloaded. You can get the service of Evano on any device in any location, you need an internet connection, and Evano is at your fingertips. It is supported in Mac, Windows, Android, and Linux. If you are converting a few files by using Evano, then it is free. You don’t need to pay a penny. But when workload increases, a paid plan needs to be subscribed.



so, using any of the above software, you can easily convert YouTube Mp4. They also have the feature to download playlists and batches, and also you can select the storage location of the downloaded file after completion of the download and conversion. They can download and convert multiple videos at a glance that saves a lot of time. In addition to knowing the best solutions to download YouTube videos, you must monitor your devices and data security. Therefore, download only from trusted sites with the lock icon before their URL, indicating the use of the SSL certificate for and attesting to its safety.

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