What Is Real-Time Marketing For E-commerce, And Why You Should Use It Starting Now

What Is Real-Time Marketing For E-commerce, And Why You Should Use It Starting Now

The usability and navigation of the site are very important aspects, but often they are not enough to sell real-time marketing for e-commerce.

In fact, even if you have taken care of factors such as:

  • SEO friendly content
  • persuasive copy for product titles and descriptions
  • images and videos
  • navigation categories and filters
  • enhanced internal search
  • streamlined checkout with just a few steps

And all the rest of the best practices, in addition to spending huge amounts of money on AdWords campaigns, contracted out to super-agencies specialized in the sector since 1964, most likely in the Analytics report at the end of the month, you will find numbers like this:

If conversions remain low, there can be no return on investment to pay off marketing investments, consultants, and whatnot, and you soon end up falling into a vicious circle.

A solution to this state of affairs is to “chase” the site user through tailored communications based on his previous behavior on the site. The main effective remarketing channels for e-commerce are

  • one-to-one email marketing 
  • remarketing on search engines and social media 

Both of these techniques are undoubtedly valid, but they also have their downsides.

In the case of email marketing, the main problem is that to do so, you need… the user’s email. This assumes that the user has already made a purchase or at least completed the registration form.

In the case of remarketing, users can be contacted again without needing the email, only through a cross-match of cookies and IP numbers. The downside is that running a remarketing campaign costs money, and if the user is referred to a site with conversion values ​​like the ones above, it’s back to the usual vicious circle!

The world is beautiful because it is varied! Offer personalized content for each user.

Although the users who land on your site are different from each other, with different tastes and purchasing intentions, the result is always the same, a similar browsing experience.

source: Evergage

The monolithic site, always the same, generates the phenomenon of “regression towards the mean”:  to please everyone, you end up pleasing nobody.

Instead, the way to go is to customize the site based on the user type and his browsing/purchasing behavior.

This is the future and the true strength of the E-commerce world, which a Retail store will never be able to achieve! Can you imagine a store with a salesperson for every customer?

With the right Marketing Automation software, it is possible to customize the browsing and purchasing experience for each user, modifying existing graphics and layouts and creating new content capable of satisfying visitors’ specific needs.

In this way, the site is no longer a prehistoric monolith (like the one in 2001 A Space Odyssey) but a constantly changing entity that takes different forms according to the person who sees it.

Real-time customizations simultaneously display different contents that adapt to the specific needs of users and translate into a solid business opportunity.

According to the data:

  • 75% of users appreciate personalized messages and offers
  • 74% of online consumers feel frustrated when content doesn’t meet their needs
  • 40% are more likely to buy from online stores that personalize the shopping experience

Custom Social Proofs

Social proof, i.e., the opinions of other users who have made purchases, is one of the most important levers for gaining the trust of a new potential customer.

In fact, no matter how good you are with the copy, deep down, visitors know very well that you want to “sell them something,” unlike other customers for whom they have greater trust and empathy.

It is no coincidence that sites such as Booking or Tripadvisor have made Social Proof the key to their success!

Staying on the E-commerce theme, Social COmmerce services such as Feedaty can show certified reviews by users.

With Real-Time personalization, you can do more, for example, displaying a small box with the best reviews on the products with the most views.

The review refers to the product and appears just as the user views the card: the right action at the right time!

Here is an example we created with Automatic E-commerce :

And after just over a month, here is the first encouraging result: + 36% of product additions to the cart!

Reassure visitors from abroad about shipping rates and times.

If a user connects to your e-commerce from abroad, the first doubt that will come to mind is whether you also ship to his country, how long it takes to receive the goods, and which payment methods are accepted.

With Automatic E-commerce, we have created a small box that opens when a user connects from abroad.

Small subtlety: the flag changes dynamically depending on the country from which you are browsing

In this case, the increase in the additions to the cart was disproportionate: + 94.3%! Reassured about shipments and delivery times, visitors feel more comfortable continuing to shop online.

Change the content according to the local temperature.

When people who don’t know each other meet for the first time, it often starts with discussing the weather. Why? Simple, it’s the thing that unites everyone!

If you have clothing e-commerce, there may be better choices than welcoming a visitor to Val d’Aosta with a promotion on swimwear.

With some specific marketing automation software, it is possible to modify the site’s contents according to the meteorological data of the locality from which the user is connecting.

Among the countless functions, it allows you to dynamically change the contents based on temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and even wind direction and intensity!

For example, you could create a promotion on a pair of padded gloves and only show it when the outside temperature is below 5 degrees.

If you sell abroad and you have users connecting from Norway to Spain, this kind of customization can be the turning point for your business!

…and then?

There are so many real-time marketing actions for all needs! If you combine a deep knowledge of your target with a good dose of creativity, you can create a site that continuously shapes itself, assuming the most effective shape for each context.

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