The Country You Go To, The Geolocation You Find.

The Country You Go To, The Geolocation You Find.

Geolocation is a significant chapter of marketing automation for e-commerce.

Knowing the geographical position from which users navigate allows you to understand many things about their intentions, doubts, and the type of product they are interested in.

Obviously, this offers a competitive advantage over those e-commerce sites that instead treat users from different countries similarly.

But what can be done concretely once the place of origin of a user has been identified?

Tell him if you can ship to his country and how much it costs.

One of the biggest frustrations with online shopping is when you get to the last stage of checkout and find out that the shipping costs are very high.

Often this frustration results in cart abandonment just before the purchase.

One way to prevent this phenomenon in the bud is to show new foreign users a small box that reassures them about shipping costs and delivery times to their country.

As I had already written in a previous article, it is possible to further customize the communication by inserting the dynamic flag and name of the state.

In this way, each user will be able to start their navigation serenely, without having to venture into the search for the FAQ section and shipping page, and without nasty tricks during the checkout phase.

In the conversion funnel, this means one less step on the road to purchase!

This is the basis from which it is possible to start an infinite series of site customization techniques based on geography.

If it’s cold, let him find a coat; if it’s hot, a bathing suit.

If you’re selling products like clothing, the temperature of the location where users connect can be an essential factor in tapping into their immediate needs.

The one on the left is the Homepage found by users from cold countries, and the one on the right by users from warm countries:

The Personyze software, among the various marketing automation functions, allows detailed profiling based on climatic data such as external temperature, humidity, and even wind intensity!

The Beta version of a decidedly cheaper software that only makes customization based on location, time zone, and weather conditions will be released soon.

It’s called Shrimp; if you leave your email, you can request Early Access and be notified when it’s available.

Show different content from country to country.

If you have consistent traffic from abroad, you can select the top 5 countries where the traffic comes from and customize some key content on your site, such as the slides and banners on the Homepage.

To do this, you must go to Google Analytics for the Geographic Data >> Location report.

How to customize your Homepage based on geography? Let’s take a cue from one of the Big Players in online e-commerce.

As you can see, the multinational’s communication strategy has been modeled based on the geographical and anthropological context of reference to offer users the most relevant content possible.

The sociologist Zygmunt Bauman calls this phenomenon glocalization from the union of the terms “global” and “local.”

Inform users that there is a point of sale in their city.

If you also have physical stores in addition to the online channel, you can advise users in those cities to go to the point of sale in person by handing them a coupon that can be spent directly at the checkout.

Even if people are comfortable shopping online, knowing that you are physically present in their territory is a source of reassurance for any kind of problem.

Others will be just happier to go directly to the store and touch the products.

You can try the geology software to build simple Pop-ups visible only to people who connect from specific cities.

It allows the creation of new content (both in HTML and as a pop-up) based on the user’s originating IP, with a truly user-friendly interface and a high-speed installation method (a single code in the <head> section of the site).

Payment is made to Impression, so if you need to promote the opening of a new store, you need to activate it for a few days, with very minimal spending.

Bottom line

if the products you sell can be more or less relevant based on the geographical location of origin, personalizing content can significantly increase user interest and, ultimately, your conversions.

Until next time!

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