Man And Bot. The Dream Team Of Sales or a Vision Of The Future?

Man And Bot

Man And Bot: Those companies that want to develop are faced with a huge task: in the past, the most attention was absorbed by the sale itself; today, there is a need to effectively engage customers and employees in order to use their true potential and passion wisely.

Outsourcing projects for Aviva, companies from the Virgin Group, or other companies from the insurance, energy, and financial industries gives a lot of knowledge. What are the biggest market players playing for today?

 Being in 12 European markets, we know that it is always the same for a strong, stable, and prospective position. Today, all industries face the same challenge – increasing sales. It doesn’t change. However, the growth environment is changing, and it is an increasing challenge for companies in every industry.

Those companies that want to develop are faced with a huge task: in the past, the most attention was absorbed by the sale itself; today, there is a need to effectively engage customers and employees to use their true potential and passion wisely. It is clearly visible in the industry of new technologies, which is why we create and deliver solutions that engage robots and optimize people’s work. This is how we work, for example, with Arteria, which carries out comprehensive sales processes and customer care services on the financial, energy, and insurance markets.

There is a type of work that a person does not want and will not want to do because it requires simple, cyclical activities. Most often, it concerns large companies operating on a grand scale. At the same time, a person will not guarantee such effectiveness as solutions that improve sales and after-sales service or debt collection campaigns. The operational structure of our Contact Center consists of 9 locations and over 2,000 positions. We work with global corporations that expect maximum process efficiency, so we must have a reliable partner. Alfavox provides us with such solutions, thanks to which we can together guarantee customers a sales conversion of 30% on average, and in special cases even 70%. This is a very strong result.

Over the last 20 years, our country has made great progress; this translates into the expectations of employees, their way of working, motivation, and efficiency. Today, we are integrating as many as three different generations, and we need values ​​that can connect these people. That is why we give them the opportunity to create an era of robotization that favors people. Not the other way around. I will say perversely, an era in which a human becomes a model for a robot.

Can it be concluded that large-scale sales should be based on robotization today?

Working in a contact center, a consultant does a lot of repetitive work. Up to 100 phone calls a day, often on the same or very similar subject. At the same time, he must download data from several systems, learn and understand the history and needs of the client. It is exhausting and creates an atmosphere of monotony. Man falls into a kind of inertia, loses motivation and commitment. Such a work environment makes the first thought when a consultant gets up for work in the morning that I have to do it again. Enthusiasm is falling, efficiency is falling, and sales are falling.

An educated worker who knows his worth, there are no barriers today. He needs 6-7 months to decide that he wants to try something different. There is very little time.

The research results show that the employees who dismiss the main reason are the lack of development opportunities while being unable to define what would be beneficial for them independently.

Due to this state of affairs, the average declared level of employee turnover reaches 22% (1). This is a big problem for companies providing call center services.

How to introduce changes in the company so that employees want to become a part of it and be with it for longer?

Get them involved and ensure their development. We believe that the world develops when one person helps another. The point is to combine the genius of the human mind and the best technologies. It’s not just about working but creating breakthrough solutions with customers every day. We do it. People must have something great to follow.

Why should a robot and a human interact in the sales process?

Imagine a website of, for example, an e-commerce company. The customer enters, views the offer, receives a chat invitation, and leaves. In most cases, it simply leaves without making any purchases. The second problem is resignation during the chat. It turns out that you have to wait until a consultant is available. And here, the company misses an opportunity because the potential client was ready for communication, but already. Today we want to react in real-time. This is a race by second because the user has an average of 7 other sites open during this time. If factual feedback is not established within 4 seconds, the company loses 25% of potential customers during that time. A simple answering machine is not enough; hello, can I help you and support several uncomplicated conversation scenarios. You need an advanced solution that can conduct a constructive dialogue with the client. That is why we used Aalia Alfavox, which gives the client the comfort of rational and effective conversation.

The contact center, internal to the company or external to the outsourcer, has a specific number of employees involved in various areas of activity. Technologically, they can combine these activities, but we provide a much more effective solution. Aalia is a bot that immediately takes over a conversation with a potential client, conducts an engaging conversation, and obtains valuable information from the point of view of the client’s needs and sales. At the same time, he searches for an available consultant, maintaining a dialogue with the client.

What does it look like in cooperation with a specific client and for a specific problem?

We assume there’s a client coming in. I will refer to the example of Arteria, firstly because it is a leader in the field of outsourcing, and secondly because of the similar philosophy of providing valuable solutions that connect our joint activities.

In the financial, insurance, and e-commerce industries, there are the same needs: customers need what we talked about at the beginning of our conversation – higher productivity, reduction of costs, better target group selection, more efficient customer service, and, as a result, higher revenues.

What is needed

A solution that effectively engages a potential customer at all levels of contact with the company and allows for instant interaction: chat or phone. This is what the conscious consumer expects. The system receives a signal about the user’s presence on the website and sends him a message encouraging him to start a conversation. An intelligent bot conducts a conversation and, at the same time, starts working on finding an available consultant who will finally take over the conversation.

The moment such a person appears, the bot connects humans with humans. In addition, it supplies the consultant with specific information that builds the image of the client’s needs. Aalia makes quick conclusions, thinks on many levels, and communicates efficiently in the environment, so the client always has a sense of natural, matter-of-fact conversation and efficient service. It can communicate both by chat and by phone.

The conversion from client chats has increased significantly. Our 300 consultants can serve 23% more clients. In the long term, the profit generated by one consultant increases significantly.

Thanks to such cooperation, combining solutions between Alfavox and Arteria, what have you gained in business?

Agents of the companies we work for can serve their clients much more efficiently. On the scale of nearly 120 million contacts we make annually, each company can have a sense of individual service, deep commitment, and partnership in relationships. We have gained a reduction in employee turnover because by giving some of the work to robots, they can focus on more developmental tasks for themselves. And this is a value for the end customer because our employees identify more with the product and with the customer for whom they work.

So, where is the world going? How do you see it?

For millions of years, man has been going to subordinate what surrounds him, the resources of nature, architecture, then he created machines, then intelligent machines and the next stage is to subordinate these machines to himself. In the era of artificial intelligence, where the washing machine and the refrigerator think for us – at the end of the process, there is a human being all the time. The man is the most important. Therefore, our mission is to build an environment for the conscious development of companies in the world around us. The most important thing is balance. And this in a broad context. We work on it every day.

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