What Technologies Does Netflix Use?

What Technologies Does Netflix Use

In fact, even though Netflix has developed its own streaming technology, most people are still surprised that they were unable to scale quickly to meet demand. Therefore, they couldn’t bear it, and until today, Netflix’s entire business is actually controlled by one of its biggest competitors: Amazon Studios. That’s right, Netflix is sitting on a huge AWS (Amazon Web Services) setup! Entry is indeed a very strange situation, I can’t talk about it on behalf of any company, but both of them are making money, and both of them now have their own original content creation-this helps to differentiate their service offerings.

So, as Amazon’s revenue has doubled, I really don’t see that they will have a huge customer like Netflix shaky (not to mention the negative news they will receive, which will be the murder of their stock-they get smeared) Into a corner!). As for Netflix, at its current scale, it will be a huge cost to build its own infrastructure to support its massive scale and violent growth (to be honest, it can afford it).

But, IMHO, the wise decision is to spend only a portion of the money to create more new and unique content. why? Just because you have more original content (and it’s cheaper) can provide leverage for the service and thus provide more decentralized niche programming. As a result, they acquired and retained customers. This equals growth, equals profit, and Netflix, Amazon, and consumers are happy.

Everyone wins. Netflix UI engineers have completed some urgent tasks to revolutionize the customer experience on our desktop and multifunctional platforms. Given the large-scale overhaul of the UI such as TV repairs and transfer assurance measures, it is important for us to reassess the current UI technology stack and figure out whether to study new arrangements. A considerable part of their current front-end framework is a simplified manual part for current sites and iOS applications. Their choice to use React is influenced by various components, the most outstanding of which are startup speed, runtime performance, and modularity.

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