What Is Shopify?


  is a subscription-based service that allows anyone to quickly start an online shop and sell their products. Shopify store owners can use Shopify POS to sell online as well as in physical stores. Shopify POS is a store sales management app. By using the POS, to operate both the net shop and physical store Shopify (we call with the merchant of businesses in Shopify) merchant, synchronization of inventory is easy, 1 which device in only one account You can manage multiple stores even from.

But that’s not all.

To answer the exact question “What is Shopify ?”, First of all, it’s important to understand that Shopify isn’t just a one-feature product. It’s not just a tool for setting up an online shop and selling products. Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows you to start your dream business and sell your products wherever you are. You can customize the store or build the store from scratch. The rich Shopify apps and APIs make those tasks easy.

You can create a simple online shop and sell it right away, or use your experience to design your own shopping experience. Shopify is versatile and grows with you.

If you’re wondering what you’re actually getting from Shopify and when to start Shopify, continue reading below.

About Shopify’s Commerce Platform

Business owners display products, serve customers, receive payments, deliver products, and manage their daily money on any day. Various tools are used to manage these tasks, and a great deal of time and money is wasted on integrating completely different systems and data.

In the case of commerce platforms, on the other hand, related technologies are grouped together in one place, which is the basis for the development of other apps and technologies. In other words, the Shopify platform all the tools that businesses require 1 offer are aggregated into one place. And we’ve integrated a variety of business tools to make Shopify easier to use and accessible to your needs.

Think of Shopify’s features like layers. By stacking these layers, you can build the best for your individual business.

Layer 1: Shopify Basic Features

It’s a feature you can use right away after signing up for a Shopify plan. You have everything you need to turn your ideas into a business and sell them. Templates that create the look of your store, multiple tools for online and face-to-face sales, integrated payment processing, payment screens with the highest conversions online, SEO and marketing tools, are one of Shopify’s core features. It is a department. You can add other functions and apps based on this function.

If you want to fine-tune your store and delivery experience, APIs and development tools are also available to further expand the reach of your store.

Layer 2: Shopify’s Additional Features And Services

Each individual business has its own personality. As your business grows, so do your needs. Therefore, we support business growth on the platform by providing upgrade services. For example, Shop Pay settlement options such as Rakuten sales channels such as the provision of, these are the features and services Shopify are those of the user limited, private business has been designed to take advantage in the market.

Layer 3: Apps By Trusted Partners

There are thousands of apps in the Shopify app store, and external developers provide you with the ability to customize the store without touching the code. Some apps will help you realize what you envision. You’ll find cutting-edge tools to grow your business in the app store, including the latest features and marketing methods that are becoming popular around the world, or the hottest network advertising tools on social media.

Core Features You Get With Shopify

Remember the last time you bought your smartphone. As soon as you took it out of the box, you could take pictures and videos with your smartphone, browse the Internet, and know the weather. In other words, as soon as you pick it up, your smartphone has provided you with everything you need.

The same is true for the core features offered by all Shopify plans. As soon as you start using it, Shopify becomes a one-stop-shop and you can start your business. We have a storefront with customers, payment processing, delivery partners, back office, marketing, all of this. These are the core functions of business operations.

Let’s take a closer look at the features you get right after you sign up for Shopify.


  • Hosted online store: The hosted online store is ready to use. You can also create new pages, upload blog posts, and of course sell products. Customize the template or theme to change the mood of the store. You can find the right theme for your shop in the Shopify Theme Store. Shopify offers free web hosting on all plans. The advantage of a hosted platform is that Shopify keeps your website running 24 hours a day, managing security, software updates, and more, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • POS Lite: Shopify POS is an app for store sales management that can be used for face-to-face sales at physical stores, flea markets, pop-up shops, and more. All Shopify plans come with a free POS Lite plan. All you need to do is install the POS channel on the admin screen and install the app on your smartphone or iPad.

Payment Processing

  • Payment Process: With a credit card payment called Shopify Payments, you can start using major credit card payments right away. Shopify Payments supports multiple currencies and exchanges for each currency, so you can use it with confidence when selling overseas. Shopify also works directly with payment methods for external services such as PayPal and Amazon Pay, so we can provide you with a payment method that suits you. Click here for a list of payment methods.
  • Shopify Checkout: You can use Shopify checkout whether you’re selling in your own store or through a sales channel such as Instagram. Having processed over 2.5 billion orders, Shopify checkout is always optimized for speed, conversion, and customer experience, providing the most powerful checkout capabilities in the world.

Delivery Partner (Not Compatible With Japan)

  • Delivery: You can set up a delivery setting that suits your company. Services such as tracking and discounts are also available in areas where Shopify Shipping is available. Options such as curved side pickup and local delivery are also available.

Back Office

  • Mobile App: Download the free Shopify app to manage your business from your smartphone or iPad. You can do the same work from your smartphone as you would on a computer, so you can keep track of your business wherever you are.
  • Analysis and reporting: See store activity in real-time. Gain insights about your visitors and analyze your business’s performance. Detailed insights and business reports are also available to optimize store activity.
  • Shopify App Store: The Shopify App Store has many free and premium apps that extend the capabilities of your online shop. Choose the best way to add special features, such as a full-featured marketing app or an app that allows you to partner with a local carrier.
  • Support: Japanese customer support, Shopify community forums, useful resources posted on the blog, and more.


  • Marketing Platform: Shopify’s marketing platform allows you to reach more customers with built-in blogs and SEO tools, and run Facebook and Google Shopping campaigns. You can see the effectiveness of your campaigns across all channels in one dashboard and stay in full control of your customer data.

Use Shopify’s Optional Features And Services

We are always trying to provide a way for individual businesses to have a chance to win in the market. That means you’ll have access to the same tools that big brands use at an affordable price. Sign up for a Shopify plan to take advantage of even more powerful features developed by Shopify for the Shopify store.

These features and services are optional but are designed to extend the core business capabilities of your business, including sales, delivery, marketing, and operations. Most features are enabled with the click of a button on the admin screen and can be managed in the same place you manage your online store.

You can add or remove features as your business changes, and you can use the service only once. Our values ​​are simple. Business owners should be able to easily upgrade their business anytime, in any way.

Below is a summary of the features you can use once you become a Shopify Merchant. Icons are displayed when there are restrictions  and when there is a cost .

Shop Pay 

Shop Pay is a payment method that allows you to make quick payments at stores that use Shopify. Save your email address, credit card, shipping, and billing information to speed up the process the next time you place an order in your store. Shopify survey According to the Shop Pay check-out that has passed through the will, order completion rate compared to another check-out system 1.72 We know that times higher.

Social Media And Marketplace Sales 

You can also use Shopify to promote and sell your products on other channels. Connect to Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, TikTok, and Rakuten Ichiba to sell your products on social media.

Shopify Fulfillment Network (US Only) 

A dedicated fulfillment network across the United States allows qualified merchants to use the Shopify fulfillment network. Once approved, all you have to do is select an order to complete the order, and the nearest warehouse will pick, pack and deliver, reducing delivery time.

Shopify Capital (the US only) 

Shopify Capital is a funding option for merchants who want to grow their business. Shopify Capital provides upfront cash and loans to eligible businesses based on store sales. Currently available in the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Email Marketing 

Shopify Email is our unique email marketing tool. You can interact with customers through professional-looking emails and campaigns to further increase sales. You can track the effectiveness of your emails in the same place where you manage your products, customer information, and other digital marketing campaigns, and see how much individual emails have contributed to your sales.

Interactive Marketing 

Shopify Ping is a free messaging app that allows you to chat with buyers and collaborate with your team. Use it to promote sales and build customer relationships. We’ve found that Shopify Ping increases conversions by 70 % when chatting with brands.


If you have a permanent physical store, you may want to upgrade from POS Lite to POS Pro. Shopify POS Pro features an advanced inventory management system, unlimited store staff accounts, and analytics.

There’s More: Shopify App Store

Do you remember the analogy of smartphones? As soon as I got it out of the box, I was able to use the functions I needed. But not only that, you can download various apps on your smartphone. You can choose apps that are fun to use on a daily basis, such as social media, music streaming, email, and fitness, according to your personal taste.

The Shopify platform works in a similar way. As businesses are diverse, the functionality required by business owners depends on the products they sell, who they sell to, the size of their business, and their location.

With over a million companies selling all types of products around the world, it’s impossible to solve the needs of all companies in one go. And if you pack all the features you might need into Shopify’s platform, it’s a very difficult service for most new businesses.

Instead, we prioritized flexibility in the platform. First and foremost, it is a function that can be easily adjusted according to the complex and ever-changing business scene. Then, with the help of developers around the world, we’ve made it possible to enhance the Shopify platform with apps and themes, and incorporate other integration features for our mission.

That’s how the Shopify app store was born. With over 6,000 apps to choose from, Shopify store owners can customize their store to suit their needs. Whether you’re posting customer reviews, managing your accounting, or deploying virtual fittings in your store, you’ll find the right app for you.

With a classification system based on what the app can do and the issues that the merchant wants to solve and a powerful search function, it is possible to discover even apps for niche applications.

Merchants can find what they need in their store, and new developers can offer their business by supporting entrepreneurs. It’s a win-win.

Choose Your Own Path: Custom Code And Beyond

Shopify’s mission is to pave the way for everyone to start a business. That’s why Shopify’s platform is designed to help you build your business without having to be a design or development expert.

That said, Shopify isn’t all about out-of-the-box features, templates, or apps in the app store. If you write your own code (or hire a professional called a Shopify partner ), you can customize every aspect of your business and shopping experience. You can tweak some of your operations to a higher degree, or start a unique store from scratch. The choice is up to you.

If you want more control over your business, there are several ways to customize your store.

  • Customize the theme or create your own
  • Create custom apps for your store using developer tools and the Shopify API
  • Enhance your customer experience with APIs, such as selling video games

The conclusion is this. You don’t have to sacrifice ease of use for customization or control. With Shopify, you can get your store and campaign up and running quickly, while at the same time creating a rich and unique experience like a big brand.

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