Photos And Videos Taken With The Phone Can Be Published On Your Company profile?

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A company profile on a social networking site is a special type of business card and a marketing tool with great potential. However, in order to use it properly, you need to approach this task properly. Although it is difficult to define one universal scheme of action, the practice gives some specific hints about what a company profile should look like in social media. The visuals are very important. Of course, we are talking about photos published on your profile, and their main goal is to attract more recipients, i.e., potential customers.

How they see you, that’s how they perceive you.

Most often, the customer’s first contact with a given brand begins with an interesting, eye-catching photograph or graphic. At this point, a decision is made whether I want to learn more based on what I see and therefore also read the content regarding the offer of products and services.

The slightly worn-out statement that we look for inspiration on social networks turns out to be true. Skillfully communicated image and content can drive the customer to certain behaviors, including purchasing our goods. Over the years, when the Internet has become the basic marketing tool, it has become commonplace that photos and videos published on a company profile must be as professional and properly prepared as possible.

Colors, background, quality – everything had to meet these criteria. It also required professional equipment – a camera and other extras.

Today, more spontaneous content reaches the customer, so there are specific reasons for adding photos and videos from the phone, including:

  • building relationships with users and a positive image,
  • constant update and online presence,
  • increasing the awareness of your company,
  • establishing a dialogue with the client (ongoing response to comments and questions under the photo or video).

On the phone to my heart

Times have changed. This does not mean, of course, that by running a corporate profile on social media, we can “throw” whatever we can there, but customers no longer expect that the photos will be part of a professional session, and the films will be super-production. In the era of smartphones, “working” photos that show us in various everyday situations have become popular.

Users of social networking sites are sending themselves and publishing photos and videos taken “hot.” This trend has also found application in the case of company profiles. Of course, the idea is to completely give up professional shots, which are also needed in marketing, but it is also worth finding a place for photos and videos thrown directly from the phone.

What should be on them? It is worth, for example, showing up at work, the process of creating products “back-to-back.” It is a loose way of communicating with potential clients. Importantly, it does not have to be a perfect message, and it is important that what we show inspires, interests, and even amuse the audience. Such spontaneity is a good edition warms the image and builds trust, which translates into increased sales.

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