Instagram Stories – How To Increase Your Reach

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories: Instagram is currently one of the most popular marketing tools that successfully allows you to reach a large number of customers. The power of the image, i.e., published photos, is a good way to encourage and convince people to buy our products and services. However, the mere publication of photos is not enough.

In August 2016, Instagram introduced a new product: Instagram Stories, known in Polish as Relacje. What’s going on here? It consists of publishing short films and photos in the format of consecutive slides, which disappear 24 hours after being made available on the web.

This new addition has gained immense popularity among both “regular” Instagram users and bloggers, and various types of companies. It was estimated that Instagram Stories gained 150 million daily users within six months of its appearance!

Instagram Stories – where does this popularity come from?

Employees of marketing departments of companies quickly realized that Instagram Stories allows you to increase your reach to potential customers significantly. Moreover, this method is often more accessible and easier to use than “normal” posting of photos on the company’s Instagram profile. Why? Several important factors make Instagram Stories increase your reach:

  • easy to find Instagram stories – they appear above the timeline in the form of circles to be clicked. They definitely attract attention and are harder to miss than regular photos;
  • Instagram Story don’t have to be perfectly polished, just like photos. What’s more, the form may be tempted to present its offer a bit “behind the scenes,” e.g., at the time of creating a given product. This allows a potential customer to assess the company’s credibility with his own eyes and gain trust, which will certainly have a positive impact on his purchasing choices;
  • Research shows that Instagram users are more likely to view published Reports than photos posted on a company’s profile. Short slides have a better chance of reaching a potential customer with your content.

Instagram relationships, i.e., we focus on creativity.

In summary, Instagram Stories is a form of communication with potential customers, often very effective. It is important to be able to attract customers and build their trust through this form of marketing. Creative Instagram relations can make the offer of a given company more recognizable. While competing on the market, it is hard to promote without relying on internet technologies.

Instagram Stories is an opportunity to increase your reach, which is an established slogan and has its real reflection in increasing profits. Much depends on the creativity of the marketing department employees, and it’s worth using the potential of Instagram Story.

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