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The name of the Pinterest social network is derived from the amalgamation of two English words: “pin” and “interest.” In practice, this means collecting visual content in one place and grouping them thematically. Although it is not as popular as Facebook, it is worth considering extending your reach to customers with this social networking site.

Pinterest brings together people who have specific passions and interests, so if the company’s offer corresponds to the recipient’s preferences, the platform is a good proposition. Market research has confirmed that consumers look for shopping inspiration in this place much more often than on any other social media.

(P) interesting idea for advertising

It’s not enough to just create an account and upload some photos. The marketing success of advertising on this portal is to give means, first of all, knowing the rules governing it. The next step is creativity and a good, catchy idea. The tools at Pinterest’s disposal are to help us implement an effective advertising project. It is worth creating a thematic forum that will contain products and services of interest to the target group of customers.

For example, if we run a company whose assortment includes backpacks, suitcases, bags, you can interest recipients with the slogan “Travel essentials,” under which our offer will be hidden. However, you cannot fall into the trap of focusing only on yourself and on how to convince customers to buy only your products. It also means publishing other content directly related to our company and related to a given topic.

It cannot be intrusive “squeezing” the product, but creative customer guidance. It’s also important to let Pinterest users share the content we upload, and this significantly increases the reach, i.e., the number of recipients, and that’s what it’s all about.

The devil is in the details.

Marketing through Pinterest must also take into account details that are sometimes ignored, and in fact, also determine success. Considering the fact that this social networking site is based on image power, it has to be of the right quality. Make sure your photos are professional and eye-catching. It cannot be boring or amateurish.

Getting attention is one of the basics of marketing. Therefore, an appropriate profile picture is equally important, and it is impossible to ignore it. It is also worth remembering to provide accurate data about our company’s website, contact details, and possibly location. When presenting the offer, we should include the price of each product.

Customers like a legible and straightforward message, and when they cannot find some important information, they quickly give up. It is also worth mentioning Pinterest Analytics, and it is an indispensable tool without which it is difficult to achieve success here.

It is, of course, a thorough analysis of the content and internet traffic related to our Pinterest profile. Properly drawn conclusions will show us which solutions work and which require modification. Both the creative idea itself, the action strategy, and the entire background are the way to marketing success.

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