Is It Worth Advertising On Snapchat?

Advertising On Snapchat

There are different ways to reach potential customers, more or less obvious. One thing is certain – advertising is a lever of trade, so it is worth developing channels through which our product or service offer will reach the target group of customers. Popular instant messaging services, including Snapchat, which appeared on our market about four years ago, are also becoming a space for advertising. Is it worth considering as a place to attract potential customers?

When age matters

It is certainly an idea worth considering. The sheer number of Snapchat users is already encouraging. It is estimated that this messenger has over 300 million active users. When considering advertising on Snapchat, you should also analyze the type of services we offer in relation to who most often use this messenger.

Research shows that 70 per cent of all users are young people, aged up to 34. 45% of users are between 18-24 years of age. What is the conclusion from here? Snapchat, as a space for an advertising campaign, will work well if its addressees are primarily young people.

It also turns out that in the case of gender division, women are more likely to communicate using Snapchat, and they account for 70% of users. This can also be a hint for the entrepreneur – it will be easier to reach the customer if our assortment is largely aimed at women.

Because time mattersĀ 

When we decide to advertise on the Internet, we often specify a specific time (hour) when the probability of reaching as many people as possible is relatively highest. All this so that the advertising brings the greatest profit. Choosing the wrong time for advertising (when there is less “traffic” on the Internet) means losses.

It’s a bit different with Snapchat. It seems convenient that its users are active basically all day. The decline in activity is only observed at night, which is natural. This enables us to advertise our services at any time.

Another plus maybe a seemingly less important fact. Well, due to the fact that it is not possible to scroll or remove “pop-up” ads, their addressee will definitely see the advertising content, even if they are not particularly interested in it.

This significantly increases the chances of acquiring a potential customer, even if we have to compete with well-known brands.

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