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Marketing Tools

Marketing Tools, What do you feel best about? Do you prefer writing texts, hosting a webinar or taking photos? Each of us has a medium that suits him best when it comes to marketing. And usually, it’s social media.

And yet, social media platforms sometimes turn out to be insufficient. We then look for other methods that could attract customers to us. Are you wondering what else can be good for you and how to use it? We hurry with inspiration!

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It is practically the basis of every business, especially online, which is why we put it in the first place. Remember that when dividing the media into your own and purchased media, only the website guarantees that the content will not disappear from it. On Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, we are bound by the rules of using the platform.

Let us not neglect our website, because it is the carrier of all the necessary tools, thanks to which we obtain, for example, contact details for potential customers. 


Many readers are probably grabbing their heads right now: flyers ?! Such paper ones? Yes, such paper flyers.

It is now a difficult medium where it is easy to lose big money. And yet, it is worth recommending such a solution to all local businesses. Of course, it’s not about betting on quantity and handing out flyers on the busiest street in the city. Let’s adjust the form to our clients: if we run a club, let’s give alcohol coupons on Friday evening; if we install photovoltaics, we are interested in the inhabitants of a single-family housing estate.


Currently, we can appear at both online and stationary events. We don’t need to organize them; it is enough to participate in one of the thematic events. It is worth setting up your stand at a grassroots fair, talking to customers, and presenting products. In turn, we can make a presentation and participate in a conference via the Internet. The form of the event should be adapted to the service we offer.

PPC ads

The “Pay Per Click” service is available in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads. This is a very profitable form because we only pay the platform for the clicks that will redirect the user to our website (which is why the website is essential!). At the same time, we have the option of targeting ads to make sure that they will surely reach potential customers. It is a cheap and effective form by which we can create content that encourages the use of our services. However, achieving great results can be costly, so use the services of a marketing agency that knows its stuff!

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