Is Pushiness In Sales Worthwhile?

Is Pushiness In Sales Worthwhile

Sales Worthwhile, “Mr. Client, we will do everything beautifully, and on time, please don’t worry! You just have to decide quickly because we have the last free place on the schedule. “

When repairing the car, one mechanic says the above message. In another service, the employee starts to list the problems related to our car, then puts the coffee on the bench and gives the final quote. Which one would we prefer to trust?

Being too brazen may seem like a good selling point until… it stops working. 

“You will not find a better price anywhere”

How do you recognize such an insincere trader? First of all, he uses the worst-case language all the time. Whatever happens, it will tell us that we are making a great decision; we just need to hurry and sign the papers today. Even a discount will fall, but you have to sign now. Even if this is the first meeting with the company, the marketer knows immediately that the offer will meet all possible requirements. And after the conference, he will call three more times on the same day to ask if we have already made up our minds.

In fact, such slogans and deceptions should arouse our distrust. We should not be glad that we finally found someone who solves all problems; one has to ask how exactly these problems will be solved.

“Check out our best service!”

A copywriter can also be a trader and the most intrusive possible. The content on the website or advertising on the Internet is designed to encourage users to buy. Exactly: encourage. Often, product descriptions try to convince us that, for example, this cosmetic will reverse the course of time, its user will wake up the next day as a baby, this refrigerator will clean the kitchen, and that training will turn novice people into business into millionaires. Many sites only shout “BuyBuyKup” in their Call to Action rather than saying what they are actually offering.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as the best service, and the phrase “trust the highest quality to make your business successful” should scare every customer away.

“We’ll do it, no doubt about it!”

It might seem that if we want to sell a product, we absolutely should not draw the buyer’s attention to problems because he may change his mind. But let’s go back to the example from the introduction. Who inspires more trust: a reliable counselor or an organ grinder repeating “you will be satisfied” over and over again? Sometimes, honestly, sharing your doubts is the best way to market.

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