Here Is The App That Makes iPhone Pro Ringtones Directly From iPhone

iPhone Pro Ringtones

If you have an iPhone and you love personalized ringtones, you also know that with this phone it is not easy to use them, unless you decide to rely on Create Ringtones Pro, an application designed to make this operation as simple and painless as possible.

It is in fact sufficient to choose a song you want to use, select the audio portion to be transformed into a ringtone and click on a button to complete the operation. You can create ringtones, SMS tones, and email alert tones from songs in the iPhone music library, or you can even use the microphone to record any sound – whether it’s a song you’re listening to on the radio or the child’s laugh, a mechanical noise – and turn it into a ringtone.

The app also includes a pack of ringtones normally sold on for $ 3.99 and a pack of SMS tones from, so installing it already gets you a good library of ready-to-use sounds too. It works with all iPhones starting with iOS 4 and also works on iPod Touch 4 and later. It also allows you to create ringtones no longer than 40 seconds, with an accuracy of 0.2 seconds.

The app is available for iPhone and is on sale on the App Store for € 1.09.

It should be noted that it allows you to create ringtones at any time but it is necessary to synchronize with iTunes (and therefore the connection of the iPhone to the Mac or PC) to ensure that they are transferred within the iPhone Settings panel. In fact, Apple currently does not allow access to this area of ​​the device in any other way, so from the app you can only create ringtones but not “transfer” them from the music library to the sounds section for ringtones.

However, the app also includes a video that shows the very simple procedure to follow to complete this operation.

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