Top Tips For Working With Established Brands As a Freelancer

Brands As a Freelancer

If you are a freelancer, it is a great idea to target working with established brands to make more income and establish yourself as an expert at your chosen skill.

While there are other ways of earning a living as a freelancer – such as collaborating with start-ups or creating your own skill-learning courses – working with established brands helps you build your credibility, which is one of the most important aspects of becoming a successful freelancer.

No one wants to work with a freelancer if they have no recognizable brands on their resume because it suggests they are either bad at what they do or there is some other hidden reason why noteworthy brands have turned them away in the past. It might sound harsh, but it is basic human psychology.

Furthermore, working with larger brands makes it easier to maintain a steady flow of income and likely at a far higher hourly rate.

However, working with established brands requires a different way of working as a freelancer to blend seamlessly with their work processes and do the best job possible.

Here are some top tips to keep in mind:

Be Careful When Handling a Brand’s Sensitive Data

One of the crucial elements of working for a brand is keeping its private data safe and secure. Although you are not officially a member of the team, the company may send you confidential information for you to do your job.

This is particularly true if you are a virtual assistant or freelance accountant, for example, and you are handling a great deal of private data.

Your reputation as a profession relies on you keeping that data safe. But, unfortunately, it is not uncommon for individuals connected to companies (even in loose capacities) to accidentally leak important data.

These people – whether an employee, contractor, or anyone else with access to private information – are called insider threats.

An insider threat can unintentionally lose this information by losing a device, suffering a phishing attack, or sending information to the wrong person. Click here for more information about insider threats.

Think Of Yourself As a Hired Expert, Not An Employee

A difficulty shared by almost all freelancers when they collaborate with brands is how to present themselves. If you have ever worked for a company before, it can be tempting to act as if you are still an employee. This is especially tempting if you are just starting out or are significantly younger than the business owner.

However, this is the wrong approach to have and may deter established brands from working with you. They are looking for an expert to guide them, not an understudy asking them what to do.

Instead, present yourself as a hired professional who knows more about your job than they do (which is why they are paying you in the first place). It will make you feel less like an imposter and more like an expert who deserves the fee you are asking for.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Telling Them The Hard Truth

Following on from the previous point, you must tell the business owner exactly what you think.

As a copywriter, there is no point telling the business owner how wonderful their existing copy is if it is actually poor. So instead, they hire you to point them in the right direction, which inevitably involves a healthy dose of the cold, hard truth.

This will help you establish your authority and send a signal to the business owner to respect you.

Many companies have a tendency to change your work after you have done it or distrust the advice you give. However, if you are not afraid of telling the truth, you will stand a great chance of being taken seriously and doing the job to your best ability.

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