3 Reasons You Might Want To Edit Colour In Your Photos

Edit Colour In Your Photos

Even the best photographer can find that there are things in their photos that they are not happy with. It is rare that the perfect photo will happen; one that doesn’t need any editing. Fortunately, digital photography and significant improvements in photo editing software in the last few years make this a really easy job.

If you take a look at some of those fantastic photos you can find on any photo sharing platform then there is a good chance that a high proportion of them have been edited in some way. That includes editing some of the colour.

Here are our top three reasons why you may want to edit colour in your photos.

1. Correct Mistakes In Your Photo

One of the biggest reasons that people edit aspects of their photos is to correct mistakes. This is particularly the case when they have managed to capture a really good image with just the one issue that is spoiling it.

Mistakes can happen to even the most accomplished of photographer. The perfect landscape could be ruined because a bird chose the wrong moment to fly across your view leaving a blurry image in an otherwise perfect picture.

Editing colour can also help you to cover up something that really doesn’t look right in your photo, particularly when cropping it out means that you would lose too much of your photo and therefore ruin the overall look of your carefully composed image.

2. Change The Mood Of The Photo

When you change the overall colour palette of your photo you can completely change the mood that you want your viewers to pick up on. Darker colours can give a sense of foreboding in an image whilst brighter more vibrant colours can really lift the mood.

It is entirely possible to change the colour of your photo in different ways in order to produce two different copies that represent completely different moods. The essence of the photo; the subject matter will still remain just as it was when you took the shot, but by changing the colours you can completely alter your viewers perception of the image.

Colour can help tell a story and if you couldn’t achieve the colour you wanted when you took the photo, then changing them through editing in order to tell the narrative you wanted is an option that can really work.

3. Draw The Eye To a Particular Point Of The Photo

A good photo can be made great by changing the colour of just one particular point in order to draw the eye of the viewer directly to that point. This is a particularly popular edit when the photo has been taken in black and white.

By editing colour into just one aspect of a photo; adding eye colour to a portrait, colour to a flower in a garden you are creating an incredibly powerful focal point. This is the part of the photo that the viewer’s eye is immediately drawn to. This clever use of colour creates such a strong focal point that the viewer can’t help but find themselves drawn to that one detail before they see anything else in the photo.

The same is true when you choose to edit colour in just one item in a colour photo, as you can really make it stand out much more.

Photo editing software offers something to photographer that means they can allow their creativity to run wild in their photographs to create something that the camera alone cannot capture.

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