Techniques To Avoid Losing Traffic On Your website

Losing Traffic On Your website

Without a doubt, losing traffic on your website can be a problem. The fewer potential customers come to our website, the number of sales may also be lower. Although visits do not equal conversions, in many cases, the drop in traffic can be so drastic that it does end up affecting your level of sales.

In this article, we will show you some techniques to try to recover lost traffic. Especially considering that it is very difficult to fool Google and that the best we can do is try to figure out what are the real reasons why our website loses traffic.

Why Is My Website Losing Traffic? It Can Be For Several Reasons.

There are those who see that visits to their website decrease and immediately believe that it is a Google penalty.

But be careful, not always when we lose positions, it means that we have suffered an algorithmic penalty from Google. That is, your website may have lost traffic for other reasons, not because of something we have done wrong.

We show you some of those reasons why you may have started to lose web traffic.

You Have Lost Traffic Because Others Have Overtaken You

In the world of SEO, you are going to find a lot of people with enormous knowledge. And do not be surprised that if you do not dedicate time to positioning your website, some SEO strategies of your competitors can ruin your organic positioning.

Yes, one of the reasons you may lose organic traffic is because of the extraordinary competition in your industry. 

1. There Has Been A Seasonal Or Eventual Drop

For example, maybe you sell ice cream on the Internet, and suddenly you find that in September your web traffic drops. This is logical because normally the highest level of searches for seasonal products occurs precisely in the season for which they are destined.

Although the drop in traffic may also occur for other reasons, for example, if our business has as potential clients companies that are now closed with quarantine, it is likely that searchers will also decrease temporarily because the offices are empty and people are in something else.

2. You Have Been Black Hat Seo

Sometimes our drop in traffic is not due to the fact that we are carrying out a very aggressive SEO strategy. It may be that someone is doing us black hat SEO. This may be because they hate us and want to get ahead of us on Google, so they put a lot of fake and poor quality links to penalize us.

However, it may also be due to no particular reason. There are simply many pages that link, but they are not always quality pages, nor are they related to our sector. They can even be bots that link many people at the same time.

The way to combat this is through the disavow tool, where we tell Google through the Google Search Console which external links we want it to ignore.

Techniques To Recover Lost Traffic

When we lose traffic, we can put in place a series of techniques to try to solve the problem.

1. Analyze The Reasons Why Traffic Has Dropped

Through tools such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Sistrix or SEMRush, we can check the possible reasons why you have started to lose traffic on your website.

Sometimes it can be due to a significant change in Google’s algorithm (although it changes continuously) and that has particularly affected your project.

2. Find Ways To Attract New Traffic

Create new content on the blog, generate viral content and spread it on social networks, send a mailing to our email contacts there are many ways to try to increase the traffic of a website that has been losing steam.

The important thing is not to fall asleep and not stay exactly the same as we were. You have to do different things. For example, reviewing the SEO of blog posts and republishing them with a newer date for Google to take them into account again.

3. Fight Black Hat SEO And Aggressive Link-Building

If we have started to lose traffic because we have suffered an algorithmic penalty because we have aggressively linked (or have been) linked, we need to try to review our link profile.

We can do this with SEO tools such as Ahrefs, although also in the Google Search Console you can check the incoming links, the domains they come from and the anchors.

In this line, your website will be able to recover traffic as you correct possible failures, generate new opportunities to attract traffic and continue to do it well. Google will not always reposition you to the upside immediately, but once it has returned to walk around your website, if you have corrected the errors or the reasons why it penalized you, you will go back to recovering traffic little by little.

Remember that SEO positioning is a work of ants. If we want to do everything quickly and in a short time, the safest thing is that as soon as we go up, we will go back down. We hope this post has been of help to you.


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