The New Crypto Browser For Android What Is It About?

The New Crypto Browser For Android What Is It About

Opera launched a new browser called Crypto Browser for Android. The peculiarity that this browser brings us is that it has a cryptocurrency wallet.

Opera wants to continue betting on the world of Cryptos and now comes with a slightly peculiar browser since it has its own digital wallet, so you will no longer need an application to track the cost of cryptocurrencies.

This big step that Opera is taking in this sector promises a lot since Opera is well known for providing excellent software solutions such as its browser.

Now, this new browser will not be just another wallet; and it brings us other features or tools, such as a news section and support for decentralized applications.

Features of the New Web 3.0 Based Crypto Browser

This browser becomes an excellent alternative for those people who are looking for a browser with an integrated cryptocurrency wallet. It also offers us access to browse decentralized applications with Web 3.0 support.

What are the cryptocurrencies that this browser supports? You may be wondering if these currencies are Ethereum, Bitcoin, Celo and Nervo, but if you don’t use any of these, don’t worry because it has been promised to gradually integrate more cryptocurrencies because the idea of ​​this company is to exchange between cryptocurrencies without having to resort to third parties.

Among other features, we find access to NFTs based on Web 3.0, and you will also see a news section obviously focused on the Crypto world; this section is called Crypto Corner, which in Spanish is “The Crypto Corner” and therefore, If that were not enough, you can have direct access to platforms such as Crypto Twitter, Discord, Reddit and DappRadar.

Opera tells us that this browser will allow you to track upcoming airdrops and events in the world of cryptocurrencies. It is currently available for the most used platforms, which are Android, MacOS and Windows; the version for iOS is also coming soon.

How to Download Crypto Browser

The download is extremely simple and is downloaded like any other application. You simply enter your application store and search for the browser by its name ( Crypto Browser ), start the download, and that’s it. It would be best to keep in mind that this browser is in the beta phase, so you may encounter certain problems in the app, but don’t worry because it will improve over time and updates.

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