Sometimes It’s Good To Be in a Bad Mood. New Trends In Marketing

New Trends In Marketing

Have you ever stood up with your left foot? Some days we just dream of going back to bed. What if you need to write a social media post? Create a nice email as part of the campaign? Reply to user comments?

Then you probably want to vent your negative mood. The good news is – it’s not such a bad idea! Your marketing results can benefit from this. As? We’ll explain in a moment.

The pessimist on the phone

Negative marketing is a tactic that involves appealing to negative emotions – fear, sadness, irritation – to get a specific response from the recipient, usually in favour of the brand, products, as well as what they support and compete with.

Of course, it’s not about just being moody. Instead, try to implement one of the following goals:

  • empathy towards what the customer has to deal with,
  • emphasizing that your brand is different from the competition, especially those companies that do not want to accept certain truths about a given industry,
  • Breaking through the barrage of “neutral” messages that hit the void.

If you are successful, such a message will remain in your audience’s memory, which will affect the perception of your brand, among others.

Maruda or Mr Effective?

First, negative marketing is not about becoming a whim. To understand this point of view, we suggest looking at a regularity that is already known – the principle of exclusivity. It says that if there is a small amount of the product, we want it much more.

Let’s transfer it to the ground of social media. We can propose a special offer here that is only valid for a short time or only for the first ten respondents. You don’t even have to say what you offer – just emphasize that this is a limited option.

The following is a simple conclusion: sometimes you have to bypass someone in your actions. If everyone gets something, that thing is no longer special, right? This is how we used negative marketing to achieve positive results.

Other ideas

You can also build a bond with your audience from negative experiences. Bring up a situation that applies to both of you, such as the theme of getting out of bed with your left foot in the first paragraph of this article. But what’s important! Try not to aggravate these bad feelings. Change the narrative to one that offers good solutions.

Our final piece of advice – fight for what you believe. Marketing controversy can be… controversial, but it also attracts people who have opinions similar to yours. If you play it right, you will become a leader in social matters and clearly indicate what your audience should identify with.

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