PPC – Pay per Click In 2022 – 3 Lessons For The Future


PPC stands for Pay Per Click and stands for “Fee Per Click.” When someone clicks on a PPC ad, the advertiser is charged a certain cost – they don’t pay for the impression itself. The price per click itself obviously depends on the industry’s competitiveness or the popularity of keywords. Google Ads supports this model, but we can also post PPC Pay Per Click ads on Facebook.

2021 was also a challenge in the world of internet marketing. This is, of course, a fairly new industry that, like everyone else, had to adapt to new conditions and change the way it operates during the pandemic. Here are three lessons for the future.

Domains also shop

At the start of the pandemic, many feared that people would stop spending money due to the loss of income. Meanwhile, exactly the opposite happened – online shopping became so popular that couriers had their hands full. We especially often ordered home office equipment, electronics, fitness equipment, things that make the quarantine bearable.

So people’s reactions can take unexpected shapes and sizes. Therefore, our task is to constantly monitor social moods and react to changes as quickly as possible; otherwise, they may surprise us. If we entrust algorithms with the task of running a campaign in our place, it may turn out that they are not up to the task of correctly reading consumer behavior.

People LOVE convenience

This is quite an obvious statement. During home isolation, however, it takes specific forms:

  • We order food from a restaurant with home delivery.
  • We shop at the home office.
  • We use many stores and search engines to look for the best offer.

The latter is especially important – when running a PPC Pay Per Click campaign, we cannot focus on only one channel, e.g., Google. Today we need to display ads on a large scale. It is best to manage them from a single interface that supports several platforms at the same time.

The supply chain is the basis of operation.

Even minor delays in completing the assortment make it difficult to meet customer needs. Supply chain stability and predictability were important issues even without a pandemic, let alone in 2022, when things were changing overnight!

Therefore, PPC Pay Per Click must focus on things that are ready for sale. The campaign cannot advertise things that are not in stock! It is advisable to keep your finger on the pulse and control your needs – so that you do not run out of (again) toilet paper or antibacterial liquids!

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