Storytelling: How To Use This Method For Effective Marketing?


Before storytelling became a marketing technique, it functioned for thousands of years as an art of storytelling appreciated by all cultures. Whether we turned to Slavic itinerant grandfathers or Japanese kamishibai storytellers, the principle was the same. The singer had to attract the attention of the listener, then move him emotionally enough to make him want to continue listening, and finally build a strong bond with him that he would want to return to listening in the future, trusting in authority. Storytelling works in exactly the same way in contemporary marketing, creating brands and ties with them based on emotional ties and customer trust.

Why do stories drive sales?

The method of marketing storytelling appeals to the most human needs, i.e. storytelling and listening. The material prepared under this method must discreetly smuggle the product or service to the recipient, stimulate their strong emotions and build brand loyalty, achieved thanks to trust. Marketing stories should be stories from living people who talk about choosing a personal or corporate brand. For this to happen, the marketing story must be carefully prepared and presented in an attractive, emotional code. All satisfaction certificates work perfectly here, preferably starting with an extreme failure and ending with a spectacular change of life for the better, of course, thanks to the choice of a given product or service. People like to hear about overcoming problems, and storytelling is an excellent form of communication for such a message.

Emotions are fodder for memory.

Effective marketing must include an element of melodrama or romantic comedy. Then the customer’s emotions will be aroused, and the emotional memory will allow him to recall the chosen brand at the moment of the consumer decision. Strong, extreme feelings, from crying to laughing, do not leave us indifferent to the marketing message, and this is the first step to promotional success. If we remember something well, we can easily remember it when browsing store shelves or wandering around an online store. This is the purpose of effective storytelling: to learn to remember and recall (about a product or service) at the right moment.

Storytelling individualizes the brand

It is best to prepare a marketing story that promotes your company or personal brand in such a way that it stays in the minds of your audience forever. Storytelling individualizes the message about the product, so it is worth making every effort to ensure that it is a message that fully takes into account business goals. Stories stand out from the crowd; that is, they help to be remembered as best as possible. Such good memory comes back when customers make consumer choices, so storytelling is the key to the relationship with the recipient.

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