Xiaomi Mi Start Clock is a Next-Generation Alarm Clock That Will Not Leave You Indifferent.

Xiaomi Mi Start Clock is a Next-Generation Alarm Clock

Xiaomi keeps surprising us by releasing all sorts of useful gadgets that aim to make our lives easier. In this sense, we must talk about Xiaomi Mi Start Clock as one of the great novelties we can acquire, being an intelligent awakening with interesting presentations worth knowing.

It must be borne in mind that alarm clocks that include a voice assistant have become one of the alternatives most requested by users, an option that will make our lives easier. It is clear that buying Xiaomi Mi Start Clock is a highly recommended option if we consider that we are talking about a model that includes handy and functional features at a really competitive price.

Features of the Xiaomi Mi Start Clock

Now is the time to learn about the benefits offered by this smart alarm clock from the Chinese company, which stands out for its rounded and minimalist design that will adapt perfectly to any style. In the upper part of the alarm clock, we will find the physical buttons of this article, which will allow us to select the desired volume and activate or deactivate the microphone function; this is one of the most interesting features we find in this model.

On the other hand, Mi Start Clock from Xiaomi has a 4″ screen with an IPS LCD panel and a resolution of 800 x 480. The data that appears on the screen is as basic as it is useful, such as the time or the day of the week in which we are. One of the most common doubts of users is to know if the screen has the capacity to play videos, something that we do find in other similar devices, however on this occasion, we must know that we will not be able to carry out this function, so it is an aspect that you should take into account before buying Xiaomi Mi Start Clock. In this way, this model’s basic functionality is the alarm clock, which includes interesting options at our disposal. One of the most prominent is the dawn effect, which has the particularity that the light level will gradually increase during the 30 minutes prior to the alarm. In addition, we must not forget that this Xiaomi article will offer us all kinds of useful information, such as weather information and news of the day, as well as remind us of our plans on our agenda.

Finally, we must talk about the speakers located in the lower part of the device, while the quality of the speakers is quite good. Considering these benefits, buying Xiaomi Mi Start Clock is an exciting alternative, so we are expected to face one of the most demanded items within this theme.

Compatible with Google support

From Xiaomi, they are aware of the importance of Google Assistant, and for this reason, they will invite us to use this application to configure the different parameters of the alarm clock; this is a simple and fast process that will not represent any difficulty for the user. Thanks to this assistant, we will be able to control a wide variety of household items since, in addition to the Xiaomi alarm clock, we can configure all kinds of items related to home automation. In addition, another relevant detail is that this article is compatible with Bluetooth 5.0, while to charge this device, we will need a micro-USB power cable, an option that, although somewhat obsolete, is still very common today.

In short, buying Xiaomi Mi Start Clock is an exciting option for those who are looking for a simple, intuitive and affordable smart alarm clock. Undoubtedly, its price (around €35) is one of the significant advantages that we find in this Xiaomi model, and it is surely why it will become a bestseller.

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