Why Is Creating a Mind Map With a Technological Tool a Good Idea?

Why Is Creating a Mind Map With a Technological Tool a Good Idea

At some point, we all have had difficulties capturing our ideas in a clear, concise and creative way. One way to do it is through a mind map, and although there are many techniques for creating it, the easiest way is through the internet since there are many online tools to create creative mind maps.

The mind map is one of the most used graphic forms to express ideas through images and limited use of words. They are characterized by being rich in colours, strokes and drawings, making the visual impact their strong point.

Benefits of creating a mind map

As we have already mentioned, a mind map is one of the most useful tools to not only attract the attention of the spectators but it is also a method that facilitates the understanding of both the spectators and the speaker(s), who often, Through images, can achieve a better mastery of the subject.

One of the main requirements for creating a mind map is to use imagination and creativity. If you still have doubts about the advantages of developing a mind map, these are:

  • As it is necessary to represent ideas and concepts through images, it is an excellent way to encourage creativity and imagination.
  • It is an unconventional way to present ideas.
  • It facilitates the reception of the ideas you want to make known to the viewer.
  • It is an excellent method to stimulate learning processes, thanks to the easy understanding of embodied ideas.
  • It is a perfect way to develop association skills and ideas.

Differences between a mind map and a concept map

There are many who, at any given time, confuse a mind map with and concept map, below we indicate the differences between both tools.


As its name says, concept maps are characterized by expressing ideas through words; however, mind maps are the images that stand out. 


Concept maps link ideas utilizing arrows and lines; they are devoid of images, and their greatest resource is critical thinking. Mind maps are rich in colours, images, and symbols that go in a specific sequence of ideas.

use of words

The concept maps are loaded with ideas summarized in a series of concepts; for its part, the mind map uses keywords where images and symbols abound.


Concept maps usually soberly represent ideas, but the use of colour is limited, the complete opposite of mental maps, where the more colour, the better.

What are the best tools to create an online mind map?

Although the web offers you endless tools for creating a mind map, one of the most used is Miro. It is a free platform, although it also has a paid version, which offers numerous means for preparing projects and allows each member to fully contribute to the results thanks to being an infinite virtual whiteboard.

In addition, it has a large community of users in which many will be willing to help you thanks to the fact that a great variety of templates are uploaded monthly that will help you save time designing and be more creative.

Many do not know that Microsoft Word is also a free tool for creating mind maps online. One of our favourite platforms has been hiding this secret for a long time and is one of the most used to create mind maps. It is simpler and more intuitive than it seems, which means that many users use it daily to write and develop this type of project. In addition, Word is an option that you can take with you wherever you go, thanks to its version of Android.

More and more companies, whether technological, marketing or even in the field of education, have jumped on the bandwagon of using this type of platform, and if the pandemic has taught us anything, everything must already be there. Online and this is an effective way to organize your ideas and be able to access them remotely. What is your favourite online work platform?

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