4 Compelling Reasons To Stop Using Excel For Data Reports And Dashboards

Using Excel For Data Reports And Dashboards

Do you want to reduce your work hours and stop using Excel to catalog endless dashboards of data? A new online solution can make your job a lot easier.

Imagine working every day by accumulating large amounts of data but without making any particular effort, eliminating human work and, consequently, numerous errors. How to do it?

There is a way to save a lot of hours otherwise spent cataloging and controlling data: business intelligence.

Thanks to business intelligence tools, it is possible to check a single document simultaneously with other users without having to write multiple messages to collaborators to check or make corrections. With BI, you can see all the data you want in one place, in one big online file.

Obviously, Excel is a useful, reliable, and easy-to-use program. However, it has its flaws, flaws related to some limitations that don’t allow us to do a quick and clean job.

Stop using Excel: business intelligence tools

In some relationships, it is possible to identify and discover opportunities and further controls on economic plans and beyond. Excel is capable of cataloging various types of data just to “throw down” everything that happened during days, weeks, or months.

However, if you need to control data in real-time, you need to resort to business intelligence tools and techniques.

Thanks to Excel, it is possible to analyze considerable sources of data. Still, sometimes there is the risk of writing them incorrectly only because human work is behind this cataloging.

Compiling company dashboards with Excel becomes a very long and nerve-wracking job, risking entering some data incorrectly.

In fact, with Excel, some complex formulas may be reported incorrectly, and to correct them, you need to go back to a specific document. It is, therefore, not always easy to remember the document referred to and, at the same time, make the right corrections.

In these cases, there is, therefore, a need for a second check, which implies significant additional work hours. Thanks to new business BI technologies, data is now easy to find, review and catalog. Therefore, with new means of BI, the logic of data compilation is performed accurately at all times.

 Why stop using Excel?

With Excel, you often compile data in multiple files, and this can be a small obstacle in some cases. That’s why maybe it’s time to stop using Excel.

For example, when you need to merge archive work into one section, you need to merge all the different files, which isn’t straightforward.

Thanks to Excel, companies can catalog all the data and create many files that are difficult to find in the future, not only for possible checks but also to use certain specific data. Even in this context, the amount of time to carry out checks and reviews multiplies considerably.

The difference between Excel and the “BI tools.”

Business Intelligence programs’ benefits allow users to do checks and reviews in a single panel. This is why stopping using Excel for such programs can be a good idea. Even if you are used to the good old Office program, you will soon notice that the new BI technologies will make our work more efficient.

With Excel, there is the risk of providing “overcrowding” of files, creating digital confusion of great importance. It’s true that Excel has been used up to now, and previously over the years thousands of paper pages had been lined up in endless catalogues.

However, now is the time to put an end to that confusion and use methods to save yourself endless hours of cataloging work.

Stop using Excel and logging into BI programs

Business intelligence allows users to log and control data simultaneously with other users.

So why not stop using Excel and share files in unison with others? Not only do you avoid misunderstandings, but by doing so, you avoid several emails and word of mouth of changes made, saving considerable amounts of time.

Today’s BI tools solve all of these problems and more. Corporate reports and dashboards are becoming easier to understand and do not require special knowledge. Furthermore, the graphics and interfaces of the BI programs are very easy to use.

There are plenty of programs online with useful business intelligence features.

Over the years, this type of approach will be used more and more as regards the cataloging and control of data, and this can only be an advantage.

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