Why You Should Buy Used Electronics – It’s Not Just About Money

Why You Should Buy Used Electronics - It’s Not Just About Money

One popular reason people consider buying used items is affordability. Refurbished devices like phones, laptops, desktops, or cameras are less expensive than brand-new ones. For example, used iPhones and MacBooks cost less than new ones and more people can afford them as a result of this.

Money is far from the only reason to pursue (or sell) used electronics, however.

What Other Reasons Are There for Buying Used Electronics?

However, besides their low prices, there are many other things to look out for when buying used MacBooks or iPhones. Used electronics are environmentally friendly and letting them go to waste can negatively impact the environment.

Below are some of the environmental benefits of buying used items.

1. Less Waste

In 2019, the United States generated 7 million tons of electronic waste, with each person accounting for 46 pounds. However, refurbished items reduce the amount of waste generated because they allow existing products to be used for longer before being discarded.

2. Clean Air and Water

Burning used items leads to air pollution. Instead of discarding them, it is better to refurbish and reuse them. In addition, when making computerized hardware, several byproducts contaminate the environment. Water and air pollution will significantly drop if there is a lower demand for new items.

3. More Minerals

Electronic devices are manufactured using minerals like silica, cadmium, germanium, gold, copper, and other rare materials. These minerals will become even more scarce as demand for new electronic devices increases. This negatively affects the environment due to destructive mining practices.

The demand for new phones is high, considering people change their phones about two years after getting them. With refurbished and used items, minerals will be saved due to lower manufacturing demands. This positively impacts the environment.

4. The Satisfaction of “Doing It Yourself”

Used items can be converted into different things through do-it-yourself (DIY) – one may not need to buy new items all the time. For example, old blenders can be turned into a lamp, old computers into home heaters, old iPods into portable drives, and old webcams into a home security system.

Transforming used products into DIY projects recycles them and reduces the amount of waste deposited into the environment.

Get Started on Used Electronics

More often than not, used items look as good as new and it may be a little challenging to tell them apart. There are many types of environmentally friendly used electronics to buy, but below are the popular ones to get started with:

Mobile Phones

Refurbished phones are a great way to get started on used products. However, just because a phone is tagged “refurbished” does not mean it has been faulty before. Usually, refurbished phones are returned by their owners before the warranty expires. Consequently, the seller put it on sale or traded it in after a thorough inspection.

For example, a person may return an iPhone 13 several days after buying it due to a desire to get an even newer model.

Refurbished phones are sold in grades A, B, C, and D. Grade A used phones are always in the best condition, while Grade D electronics are usually not. A reputable refurbished phone seller would recommend getting a grade-A phone if you want the longest life out of it.


Wondering what to look for when buying a used MacBook? Generally speaking, refurbished laptops are the same as their phone counterparts. They’re as good as new and do not need any repair if purchased from a reputable seller.

Just like refurbished phones, laptops are sold in grades, too, though the classifications depend on where you buy it. For example, a refurbished MacBook could come in complete packaging and one wouldn’t be able to tell if it’s refurbished or not.


Unlike laptops, monitors are not mobile, so one may not use them as often as a laptop. Getting a used monitor may be better than getting a new one. One may also decide to sell them again if they are not in use.


Cameras are expensive, and it’s always recommended that you try to find your desired model second-hand before buying new. If you buy it from a known entity with a decent warranty, it’ll be as good as new. One could get more gear for one’s side hustle with all the money saved from buying used.

Buy Used and Save the Environment

Yes, used items save money – but they’re also an easy way to help save the environment. We get cleaner air and water and keep more mineral resources in the ground. Buying used phones, laptops, monitors, and cameras is a great way to get started on saving the environment while enjoying the satisfaction of helping a product reach its longest potential life span.

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