How To Make A Call To Action Or Attractive Call To Action


Inbound Marketing has established itself as one of the techniques to reach our customers’ non intrusive way most used on the Internet. The main action that is carried out within Inbound Marketing is the generation of quality content, but one of the keys to this content that goes unnoticed by many is the call to action or Call To Action (CTA).

What Is A Call To Action (CTA) Or Call To Action

The call to action CTA or call to action is a section or graphic element, textual, in the form of a banner or button that exhorts or incites the audience to respond with one or more actions: click, publication on social networks, comment, registration, purchase, etc.

Many people do something because they are told or asked to do so (share, comment, sign up) and this fact seems silly, but it manages to increase virtualization and visits to your website greatly.

Keys To Make An Attractive Call To Action

It is important to point out that the user receives thousands of inputs every day so that people have learned to ignore advertisements and advertising (although sometimes it is impossible). For this reason, it is convenient to avoid call-to-action in the form of pop-ups ( pop-up windows) or those that encourage intrusive purchases, because many users will ignore them almost unconsciously, despite the fact that many pages use them anyway. In return, to achieve results, we will use tactics such as:

  • Consider your target audience. Both the design, the number and the content of your call to action must be in accordance with the type of company and client. The call to action of an advertising agency is not the same as that of a software company.
  • A striking language, with imperative verbs and exclamatory and/or interrogative sentences: Do you want an e-book with all the keys?
  • Clearly indicate the action you want the user to perform. It is not advisable to be vague, so imperative verbs are used such as: subscribe, get, sign up, follow us, try it, call, contact, etc.
  • Include the differential element or the reason why the user should heed what you ask or offer in your call to action: The first 25 followers on Twitter will receive ten free cool templates for the resume.
  • A good design that differs from the rest of the page is an essential aspect to get the user to notice the call to action.

Call To Action For A Website Or Landing Page.

Landing pages or landing pages are those landing pages that we access after clicking on a link. The ideal is to have a landing page for each theme or type of product, although if our company sells only one type of product, it will only use the home page (main page) and the products page as a landing page.

However, currently, there are many websites that include a call to action on all their pages (not only on landings). You just have to bear in mind that we are not interested in including many calls to action on the same page, because we run the risk of saturating the user or disorienting him, thus causing him to leave our website.

Call To Action Location

To implement the call to action strategy on your website, start by identifying the landing pages or web pages with the most traffic and analyze their design and interface because it is time to think about the location of the call to action.

The truth is that the topic of localization depends entirely on each page model and the needs of each company because your call to action will change depending on the evolution of different business priorities (for example, when many followers on social networks, you will prefer to encourage the subscription or sale of products) But the best locations to include a call to action are at the top of the page and to the right, just like blogger Vilma Nunez does:

To Get More Followers On Social Networks

The ideal is to include a call to action on all the pages of our domain, with buttons for the different social networks and even an imperative:

This type of call to action is usually placed at the top of the page, above or below the main menu.

To increase subscriptions to your page.

And thus retain your audience, it is advisable to include a widget, banner or box differentiated from the rest of the page in the upper right or at the bottom of each article, as they do in 40 de Fiebre:

It is also good to include an encouraging phrase such as: Don’t miss our articles! o Do you want to be aware of all our latest news?

Increase Sales With Discounts And Promotions

For businesses that are lacking in sales, it is highly advisable to include calls to action that encourage purchases. We will add banners or boxes at the top or right with discounts, special promotions of our products or trial versions.

  • A 40% discount on our winter collection!
  • Discounts? Enter now and buy 3 you will have a 50% discount on the first product.
  • Download the trial version with 30 days free.

It is important to include the price of the product or the exact discount percentage. We will also try to promote urgency, adding time or stock limit to our call to action.

  • Today from 5 pm to 8 pm… 45% discount on the entire collection!
  • Quick! We only have 5 pairs of leather boots in stock.

If our website is a blog, we can include a template call to action through so-called plugins and widgets.

Call To Action For An Article

Any article published on a web page must include, as a primary call to action, buttons to share it on the main social networks. You will see an example of this in this article, where you will see these buttons at the top and bottom of the article.

Include a call to action in the closing of your articles

No matter how serious an article is, it is recommended that we relate the content to our products in a natural way, including a link to a product page to a word or phrase that is related to it. You can see an example of them in all the articles on the IEBS blog.

Likewise, we also usually include a call to action to encourage our readers to share the articles on social networks or share it, as well as to make comments.

Placing a photo or emoticon next to our call to action will attract the attention of visitors to our page. 

Encourage Participation And Feedback

To increase the user comments, it will be essential to include a simple form that does not involve many complications to comment. If the user must fill in many fields or register to a platform to comment, they will think twice and probably decide not to comment.

Call To Action For Social Media

In addition to the tricks discussed above, sharing works very well on social networks. Let me explain: when you want to encourage more people to follow you on Facebook or Twitter, a good tactic is to offer something in return. Here is an example:

The people ask for a SWEEPSTAKES do RT and FOLLOW US, and you enter the draw for any of these SWEATSHIRTS – Credits Clothing. 

For this, you must take into account the needs of your audience. If your audience has a business profile, they will be interested in articles, e-books and products that provide solutions for their business.


You have the option to promote your publications, but since now it has also introduced seven buttons to call the action from the cover of your company page.

Including the new button is very simple. By clicking on the button, the user can select between the different buttons that will be displayed in the header of their corporate page (book, contact us, use the application, play, buy, register and watch video) and link them to the page that interests us.


In addition to the promoted tweets, the so-called Twitter Offers is being implemented, which allows companies to offer discounts on tweets, from which users can directly purchase the promoted product.

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