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Content Marketing

Content Marketing: The marketing strategy cannot consist of just one element. In order to implement the assumptions, we must diversify our activities and, above all, adjust our goals to the type of content we operate with. Each type has different rules.

When it comes to content, it can be divided into two categories: rank-worthy and link-worthy. How are they different, and how to work with them? Read on in this article.

Content “worth ranking.”

In short: Rank-worthy content is one that aims to rank well in search engine results. Most marketers use this type of content to get their pages high in the rankings of search engines, such as Google, because this is how we get good organic traffic to the site. But that’s not all – the rank-worthy content also allows you to establish a good authority for our brand as well as consumer awareness.

This can be seen, for example, in the example of the use of featured snippets. Even if a fragment of our text appears as an answer to a given question and the user does not click on our website, they will still see that our website provides the best answer on the issue, which will help us strengthen confidence in the brand.

Therefore, this type of content is very important. Without good content, there will be no organic traffic or recognition on the site.

Content “worth linking.”

You may now think that the issues described above are all you need for your website. Meanwhile, in order to be really successful, so-called backlinks and their quality must be earned with a good strategy.

Content link-worthy is the one that gets backlinked because it’s engaging and attractive. It should be designed to be great for social media platforms. These can be polls that will be published on other accounts, but also all the valuable and original content. We will get many links leading to our website and raise brand awareness thanks to such sharing.

Content that works

Both of these strategies should complement each other because they are responsible for equally important but different parts of online marketing. Both high ranking and valuable links leading to our website from social media are issues that should form the basis of a successful campaign.

So what are you still waiting for? Bet on success and try our advice, or turn to us for help.

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