What Is The Difference Between B2B And B2C Online Marketing?

B2B And B2C

There are two basic types of internet marketing: B2B and B2C. The main difference between them concerns the parties in which the transaction occurs. B2B (  business-to-business ) refers to a transaction that takes place between two economic entities, i.e., two enterprises. And B2C (  business-to-consumer ) includes the relationship between the enterprise and the individual customer. In order for B2B and B2C marketing activities to be effective, it is worth knowing what they are characterized by.

B2B Marketing

Several principles distinguish proper B2B marketing. Compliance with them may make the promotional activities carried out much more effective and bring greater profits.

Logic, i.e., What Functions The Product Performs.

B2B marketing focuses more on the logic of the product or service than B2C. This means that their functions are of particular importance, and we must clearly emphasize the benefits of buying them. Appealing to emotions is not that important here. In the case of a company, there is more to it than just emotions. We sell most often to a group of people – from the person we establish the first contact with to the person most placed in the company. Their needs and motivation will be important, but their logical arguments and financial benefits will be most important in their decision-making.

B2B – Marketing For Information Seekers

The B2B market is a market of entrepreneurs hungry for knowledge and information seekers. Therefore, it is better to be more in-depth with marketing materials when presenting a given product or service. The focus should be on how our product saves you time, money, and resources and what return on investment can be expected upon purchase. Appealing to return-on-investment can be effective because ROI (  return-on-investment ) can again save time, resources, and money.

A longer Sales Process

The buying process in B2B marketing will also be longer than in B2C because it requires, among other things, having multiple points of contact in order to secure the sale adequately.

B2B – What Is Needed?

The B2B marketing market requires the sale of products and services through logical argumentation, financial analysis, and data. This does not mean that there are no emotions at all in the B2B market, and business is the people who create it. Emotions still play an important role here; often, the basis of a successful transaction is a positive personal relationship that we establish with the client.

B2C Marketing

As in the case of B2B marketing, B2C marketing is based on a few basic principles. Following them when entering into a transaction can make the relationship between the enterprise and the customer more fruitful.

Solving The Client’s Problem, i.e., Appealing To Emotions

When presenting a product to the consumer, it is worth focusing more on its benefits. This is because the decision of an individual consumer is more emotional than that of the entire enterprise. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the consumer’s needs, how the product can satisfy them, solve his problem and evoke positive emotions.

B2C – Short Information Transfer

For consumers, a long marketing message can be tiring. Individual clients are more convenient to convey information than entrepreneurs. Therefore, the content conveyed to them must be simple and easy to understand. Consumers don’t want to put in extra work to find out and understand the benefits of a product for themselves. They require that their benefits be demonstrated in an accessible way when presenting a product.

Shorter Sales Process

The B2C purchasing process is also much shorter than that of B2B. Consumers most often make decisions individually. In the case of B2B, the entire team often decides about the purchase. Individual recipients most often make a decision in a few minutes or hours, possibly in a few days. The B2B sales process often lasts from several days to several weeks.

B2B And B2C Internet Marketing – Summary

B2B marketing is therefore based on an accurate and logical presentation of how your product or service can save the customer time and money or increase revenues. It relates much more to logic and B2C marketing to emotions. The cost of acquiring a B2B customer is also much higher than in the case of retail customer-oriented marketing. Why is this happening? The transaction taking place between two companies requires the involvement of more attention and more people. In order to conduct marketing activities as effectively as possible, it is necessary to understand exactly what the decision of both types of clients is based on.

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