4 Main Factors Limiting Conversion On Your Website


Many companies, especially the young ones, have problems with properly designing their website. This translates into a very low conversion rate, i.e. the number of products or services sold via the website in relation to the number of its views.

In turn, a well-designed website can significantly increase your company’s profits. Therefore, it is worth finding out what influences customers’ positive or negative perceptions. Here are the four most common mistakes.

No clear product presentation 

Contemporary Internet users are used to receiving the information they are looking for instantly. So they are not inclined to read walls of text and carefully browse the pages they visit. On the contrary, they often literally judge within a few seconds whether a given content is interesting or not. Therefore, after entering the website, at the very top of it, there should be a clear and short one or two sentence presentation of the product being sold.

Lack of trust 

In the flood of misleading advertisements, a large proportion of consumers are very sceptical about any incentive to buy. This is especially true when shopping online, as the seller is often anonymous. Therefore, it is imperative to gain the trust of potential customers. A very good way to achieve this is to disclose some personal information about the company and its employees. It can be, for example, the history of its creation, presenting its founders and employees in a few sentences and placing their photos in the “Our Team” tab.

There are no reviews for the product. 

Another way to gain trust is to include customer reviews of your product on your website. It is important that they come from people who have already made a purchase and were written in their own words. Potential customers want to know what other people think before making a purchase decision. For this reason, it is worth showing off your positive comments and placing them in a prominent place. An unknown product that cannot be found on the internet does not inspire confidence.

Poor quality of posted content 

Many entrepreneurs care about the visual appearance of their website but forget about the level of content posted on it. Even on an attractive site, poorly written texts will not entice anyone to make a purchase. That is why it is important to hire an experienced copywriter who will ensure their proper quality and skillfully emphasize the benefits of the product.

Professional help

We are an agency that helps companies to increase sales of their products and services. We will help you optimize all of the above-mentioned factors and more. We offer comprehensive services, including running advertising campaigns with Adwords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, and help in positioning the page so that it appears at the top of the search results. Additionally, we offer professional management of company accounts in social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. If you are not sure which elements of the website need improvement, our offer also includes UX and SEO audits.

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