How To Link The Facebook Account With Instagram? Business And Private Account

Facebook Account With Instagram

Every year, the influence of Social Media on our lives leaves an increasing imprint. Many of us have accounts on various social networks at the same time. This is firstly due to the fact that different types of content appear on different websites. Secondly, companies that properly direct their advertising campaigns should diversify their marketing channels into different Social Media. Sometimes keeping several accounts separate at the same time takes us a lot of time and energy, but when Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg bought the rights to Instagram in 2012, it is possible to easily and quickly connect both profiles, which will greatly facilitate the management of published content. 

Connecting a private account

To link them, go to Instagram, and then, after clicking on the Settings icon (it looks different depending on the phone’s operating system), at the very bottom of the bar, you will find an option called “Associated accounts”. Then click the “Facebook” icon and enter your login and password. After successfully saving the data, both accounts are linked to success. Thanks to this, from the level of Instagram, we have the ability to publish posts that also appear on Facebook. This is a great improvement for users who previously prepared two separate entries with very similar content and a photo. 

Company account connection 

When we create a Facebook page, it is also possible to link the company profile with Instagram. The basic condition for the merger process, however, is that we must be the administrator of both parties. If we are, just go to Settings in the photo application, go to the “Associated accounts” tab, and click on the ” Facebook ” tile. The website will ask us to enter the login and password, and if the data is correct, both our accounts will be linked. This type of treatment on a company profile may allow you to increase the reach of advertising. Many potential customers only use Facebook, while others may prefer Instagram content. Thanks to the combination, we will be able to meet the tastes of both users, which will make it easier for us to communicate with them, regardless of the preferred social network. Thanks to this solution, our marketing campaigns will also gain appropriate consistency, which will certainly be properly appreciated.

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