Facebook Marketplace – Competition For Allegro And OLX! What Is It, And How To Use It?

Facebook Marketplace

In the fall of 2017, the Marketplace service appeared on Facebook, allowing you to sell and buy goods. However, it is not a place where large-scale trade is to be finalized. It is rather convenient for those who want to get rid of unnecessary things or have bought something that turned out to be a bust and is now going to sell it.

The basis for the idea of ​​this website with offers was to associate sellers with buyers from local communities. Facebook is just like an intermediary in contacts aimed at determining the price and agreeing on details, such as the transfer of money or picking up the purchased item. However, the pickup itself is to take place in person, without the involvement of couriers who, of course, charge fees for their services. For this intermediation in matching the buyer with the seller, Facebook does not charge any commission, so the website is one hundred percent free.

There are filters, and there is a search engine.

Using this service is very simple, and some people use the recently fashionable word intuitive. First, you need to select the store icon in the Facebook menu. A list of items put up for sale by other website users in the area of ​​several dozen kilometers will then be displayed. When looking for a specific item, you can search engines or select filters for price categories or locations. The latter can also be freely changed, for example, to another city. There is also a place on the website for things for which their owners do not want money, but a lot of them are ordinary spam.

After selecting the subject of the transaction, we click on this offer and see more of its details. Usually a photo and description of the goods. Among other things, the seller’s data also appears. So you can check when he got to Facebook, whether we have any mutual friends with him, etc. Listing items for sale is also not difficult. Just take a picture of it, describe it, enter a price, select a location and categories, and then publish it.

Useful tool

It seems, therefore, that this website is a very useful tool for those who actually use it as intended by its originators. It can be a big competition for Allegro or OLX, if only because you do not need to create an account to sell something because you have such an option within the already existing one. On the other hand, the very idea of ​​the entire Facebook makes you have the impression that this transaction is made with someone you know from the area (sometimes it can actually happen), whose credibility can be checked with the tools available through the portal.

Vigilance won’t hurt.

Often, however, the devil is in the details, which is also the case here. Sometimes there is a bit of a mess in the advertisements, because the authors of the offers, for example, do not always mark the category of the goods sold well. In addition, despite the assurances that the content of Marketplace offers is checked by algorithms and moderators, the authors of spam and, what is worse, fraudsters cannot always be 100% ruled out. Therefore, while using this website, you need to be vigilant as with any advertising platform.

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