Five Reasons It Is Useful To Have A Corporate Backup In The Cloud

Five Reasons It Is Useful To Have A Corporate Backup In The Cloud

 Corporate Backup In The Cloud, Owner of an SME or a large company? You need to keep your business backup in the Cloud for these reasons.

Nowadays, any company works using PCs, smartphones, and other devices that continuously produce important data to be cataloged and stored.

Losing data means losing months of work; therefore, in some cases, thousands and thousands of Euros.

Companies realize that they have neglected this aspect only when they find themselves having to solve problems of data loss or attacks on the security of their infrastructure.

To keep them, there are different systems and software. Until a few years ago, the most used solution was simply to have a storage server (a NAS) for files and folders that daily or weekly made a copy of themselves on another disk.

This infrastructure (usually managed by Windows Server) allows you to restore data in case of security problems but is also subject to security problems.

Currently, this solution is partially superseded by cloud systems that guarantee rapid recovery in case of malfunctions to business systems, human errors, or cyber-attacks. But not only.

Cloud solutions are also the most affordable in terms of cost, scalability, and security, as they allow you to pay a fee based on the available space and increase the volume immediately when needed.

The Advantages Of Corporate Backup In The Cloud


The use of the public Cloud avoids the need to purchase and manage or maintain hardware, guarantees minimum management costs, and eliminates the need for infrastructure and basic software updates.


Especially for SMEs, managing the physical space in the company is important. Nowadays, companies often work remotely, and a cloud solution allows you to have the same services without needing a room for data storage.


First, business backup in the Cloud offers the possibility to define the necessary space according to the needs of SMEs, without the need for hardware and software investments. 


Cloud systems provide archiving and recovery software and ensure levels of security that a company cannot afford. Systems are always up to date.

It is possible to retrieve copies back in time by days, months, or years with ease directly from the application.


With the amount of data generated in the digital world today, it is important to have a high frequency of backups. Cloud systems allow, given their cost, to have many copies even in real-time.

The Limits Of The Cloud

The often-overlooked limit is related to connection speed. If the line is slow or unstable, files become inaccessible and backups unreliable.

What We Recommend

Nowadays, no company does not need to catalog data securely and access it easily.

Many companies are born as liquid realities and do not have a real headquarters. Therefore they cannot afford to have data management spaces.

But they can’t afford to lose them.

If you are the owner of an SME or a large company, you must take great care of your data. In this case, the Cloud is a modern and secure low-cost ally.

Furthermore, the cloud system is more efficient in terms of cost, scalability, and security.

Being a Google partner and with many years of experience behind us, we recommend that you use both the Cloud and keep modern and small backup devices in your company.

Instead of losing thousands of Euros in data recovery, let’s see how to create a valid and efficient archiving system.

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