Ensure Corporate It Security In 8 + 1 STEPS

Ensure Corporate It Security

Ensure Corporate It Security, Daily cyber attacks show that businesses need a corporate cybersecurity plan. Here is the checklist to create it because cyber security is not an issue that you can neglect, quite the contrary.

From computer networks to systems, from cloud applications to e-mail, it is vitally important to have, on the one hand, a series of precautions for the protection of personal data within your company, on the other hand, to create awareness in all the resources that use the IT tools and are the first cause of vulnerability.

Think about it: if it is true that for a private user losing their files can be unpleasant, for a company that notoriously manages sensitive and processed data with months or years of work, an attack can turn out to be a real tragedy in terms of time and money. 

 But now, let’s get straight to the checklist:

8 + 1 Moves To Ensure Corporate It Security

Train collaborators

The first step to ensuring IT security in the company is to train your employees to use all systems correctly. It is well known that the greatest vulnerabilities are caused by the unprofessional use of work tools by those who work in the company. Now, with smart working, the phenomenon is also intensifying as companies do not know how to manage the necessary new security policies.

Use strong passwords

Each corporate account must have a password of a different degree of complexity. Passwords should also be changed periodically to prevent any theft from inside or outside the company.

Manage access

The accesses to be configured are both those at the user level, i.e., those settings that determine what each individual user can and cannot do, and at the network level, i.e., which applications and which processes can arrive from the outside.

Access control is therefore managed both at the application level (for example, if you use GSuite) and at the network level with firewalls and other anti-intrusion systems.

Identify the critical points.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Do you agree?

Likewise, each computer system has its critical points that jeopardize the entire infrastructure.

An inventory of all systems to monitor and a review and assessment of hotspots can save the company from the risk of a cyber attack and subsequent data loss.


Every device, fixed or mobile, should be equipped with an antivirus system. Antivirus systems, if updated regularly, allow you to protect yourself from Malware, Spyware, Ransomware, Troyan, Adware, and others. Always remember to define the necessary antivirus and update them whenever possible.

Update all systems

If you have established pain points and made an inventory of systems to monitor, remember that you need to keep all systems up to date. This allows perfect operation and also improves their efficiency thanks to the stability improvements offered by them.

Make periodic backups

Even if all systems appear to be working flawlessly, you should periodically back up your business-critical data and keep it securely. Backups can be kept inside and outside the company, depending on how they are kept. You could, for example, use the cloud.

Establish a disaster recovery procedure

If all goes wrong, plan a disaster recovery strategy to secure all systems. This strategy allows you to get back into operation immediately in the event of serious damage, which, if not foreseen, could make you waste time and money.

8 + 1, Bonus: Get Followed By Corporate Cybersecurity Experts

We want to close this article by giving you dispassionate advice.

By now, it is clear to you that cyber attacks are the order of the day, and you know well that without the necessary attention, your company is at risk of intrusion by the many criminals on the network and beyond.

We wanted to provide you with a list of the main operations to be carried out to ensure a minimum efficiency of the IT systems in your company.

We know, however, that if you manage a company, you will hardly have the time to train yourself on such technical topics and sparingly follow all the operations necessary to ensure that your IT infrastructure is protected.

This is why we want to advise you to have these operations followed by experts in the sector.

As we said at the beginning, cybersecurity is not an issue that can be neglected, and entrusting yourself to competent people is the key to managing the whole process in the best possible way.

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