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5G, Every year I do journalistic coverage of the Mobile World Congress. Beyond the current situation in the world of mobiles, what really fascinates me is the current situation in the world of robotics. I remember on my last visit attending a gigantic pavilion where each stand presented a different domestic robot. Most were service robots, which are the automata that take care of household chores, from the most every day to the most unlikely. Its objective is to improve the quality of life of human beings.

Here too, to talk about robotics and home automation, I could remember a chapter in the Black Mirror series in which some robot dogs appeared that reminded me of those who patrolled the streets of Singapore to fight the coronavirus. Do you remember them? The Boston Dynamics company launched a pilot program in Singapore that consisted of robotic dogs that patrol the streets and parks to monitor compliance with social distancing regulations.

The cinema is full of references to a world in which robots run everything. We are not so far. For now, here we are going to tell you about those domestic robots that make our day to day easier.

When we talk about domestic robots, everyone thinks of those that clean, but there really are many types. At the same time, it is true that cleaners are here to stay, and more and more households buy them. My experience sticks to the Evocacs brand, and I couldn’t be more delighted.

Like kitchen robots, you end up becoming so fond of cleaning robots that they even accompany you on your vacations as one more member of the family. From Ecovacs, which is a leading brand in home automation, I have tested three models of home robots at Mamitech.

The latest has been the new Deebot OZMO 950, the first simultaneous vacuuming and scrubbing robot with a multi-mapping system for several floors in the house and with a Max + vacuum power. This means that it vacuums, scrubs and sanitizes, eliminating 99% of bacteria.

It is an extra powerful model, but what I like most about the Ecovacs robots is how simple they are. Without even having to read the instructions, you are going to do with its handling and cleaning. It is programmed by areas and hours, including cleaning levels and it activates itself. It leaves the floor free from hair, lint and stains. I totally recommend it. I manage everything from my mobile with the Ecovacs Home application.

It is used for large or small floors, and its battery lasts longer than it takes an AVE from Barcelona to Madrid.

Kitchen Robots

Kitchen Robots

Then there are the kitchen robots. Ours comes packed with us on vacation because when you get used to cooking with it, you can’t live without it. It is like living without a refrigerator or without a washing machine. Put yourself there to wash by hand. Well, the same.

At home, we have the latest from Moulinex, the i-Companion XL. It connects via Bluetooth to the mobile. Imagine, you leave the kitchen, and from your mobile with a few clicks, you let him cook alone. You have to add the ingredients, yes. It has 10 automatic programs, 7 specific accessories and a large 3-litre container with a useful capacity for up to 10 people.

Like any robot cuts, mixes and cooks, the i-Companion XL keeps your food warm until you serve it without the need for supervision.

With my old robot, I used to consult a recipe book to know the times, the speeds, the amounts of ingredients to use in each recipe, etc. Now this book has been digitized in the Moulinex Companion app.

If you are chefs, this may not excite you, but for me, as I am not a great cook and I love technology, this is what I like most about the culinary experience with the i-Companion XL. The robot helps me, guides me step by step during the culinary preparation, so there is no chance that the recipe will go wrong, believe me.

These types of robots are the best known but remember that in China, homemade robots make up an industry that has been sustained with public and private resources. Among its most innovative proposals is a robot designed for the elderly that, in addition to talking and interacting with the user, can monitor their health.

How 5G Will Change The World

All this leads me to talk about 5G that you already know is the fifth generation of mobile networks that we know. Gone is the old 1G network, that of those first mobile phones that only allowed talking. 2G technology introduced SMS, then the Internet connection with 3G and then broadband with 4G, which brought with it the reproduction of videos in real-time (streaming) or augmented reality.

5G will make certain robots or everyday objects, from the refrigerator, locks, video surveillance cameras, to cars, to be able to connect (with us and with each other) and practically in real-time.

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