Online Newspapers And Content: How To Improve Positioning?

Online Newspapers And Content

The unnoticed revolution

Online Newspapers, There is a transformation that continues, undeterred, to generate a whirlwind of changes: it is the content revolution.

Muted, silent, often invisible to the eyes of users but experienced in all its radicalism by those companies that have always founded their core business on disseminating content and information.

While on the one hand, no one now doubts that the future of publishing is mainly a digital future, on the other hand, there is a big obstacle to overcome: making one’s contents emerge from the network sea to intercept interested users and generate traffic.

Positioning is the trump card

But how can these goals be achieved? To increase the number of users and the percentage of visits on your platform, it is necessary to make the contents clearly visible within the search engines, giving it dignity and authority. This would allow you to position articles and newspapers among the first results of the Google SERP, guaranteeing sure success and a considerable click-through rate (CTR).

How can this be done?

This is the million-dollar question: good positioning is the result of a series of different but absolutely complementary activities. It is unthinkable to take a single road because there are more channels and more aspects to consider.

Generally, these activities can be divided into two macro-areas: those that affect the optimization of the structure and contents of the website, the on-site activities, and those that affect the promotion and advertising, the marketing activities.

Know yourself. Know the customer. Innova.

– Beth Comstock

Positioning: on-site activities

Optimizing the platform to improve its quality and use is the first step in a digital strategy aiming to achieve concrete and long-term results.

The aim is to increase the site’s visibility – and consequently the organic traffic – and make it as user-friendly as possible.

In detail, the on-site activities involve:

  • modification of the site layout to solve any style problems and improve the user experience of users;
  • updating of the CMS with the installation of plug-ins capable of improving the use and usability of the site both from the backend and from the front;
  • Hosting on high-performance servers to avoid sudden platform malfunctions, minimize the average page load time, and positively qualify the site in the eyes of search engines and social networks;
  • SEO plug-in installation to facilitate the indexing of the site by search engines and improve its positioning;
  • SEO optimization of the entire website structure and top content;
  • Implementation of on-site growth hacking techniques aimed at creating user conversion paths in terms of engagement with other official channels, such as the Facebook page and the Newsletter.

Positioning: marketing activities

The strategy to be devised for marketing activities will aim to increase website traffic and the monthly number of unique users. The ways to achieve this goal are varied, even if there are some channels considered more performing than others. In detail:

  • Google display network: through pay-per-click display advertising campaigns, Google display network allows you to place the content feeds of your platform on the main publishers in the sector so as to convey users on the website. In this way, awareness will be gained from both users and search engines, and social networks.
  • Facebook: activating pay-per-click campaigns on Facebook will allow you to take advantage of the high engagement of users on social networks for the most performing content categories and targets. This way, not only will clicks to the website be generated, but also shares, interactions with the Facebook page, and a potential natural increase in the fanbase on which it will then be possible to implement subsequent nurturing actions.
  • Content promotion networks: through affiliation to platforms for the promotion of premium content, the contents and articles will be positioned, through native advertising campaigns, with premium native formats in “recommended content” feeds on the main reference sites in the sector of online publishing. Thanks to less direct and more “recommended” advertising, greater awareness will be gained from both users and online networks.

Only through such a detailed optimization strategy, capable of incorporating most of your website’s internal and external aspects, will you reach the advantageous – and coveted – goal of first place in the Google SERP! Ready for this challenge?

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