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Dem Marketing

What is Dem Marketing (Direct Email Marketing)? How can you create an effective Dem campaign with a good return on investment?

Dem Marketing, or Direct Email Marketing, is a specific area in which it is possible to create effective advertising campaigns with a good return on investment. Now let’s find out together what it is and how it can be exploited to improve business activity.

Direct E-mail Marketing: what it is

The acronym DEM, which stands for Direct Email Marketing, means the set of online promotion activities based on sending advertising e-mails to a pre-selected list of contacts. Unlike the Newsletter, Dem Marketing has a more purely commercial purpose. It has the specific objective of acquiring new customers and keeping those already acquired through techniques such as up-selling and cross-selling, and in general, sending an advertising e-mail as part of a Direct E-mail Marketing strategy does not have a constant and close frequency like that of the newsletter. DEM campaigns, moreover, aim to achieve commercial results in the short term.

How to create a Dem Marketing campaign

In order to create a Dem Marketing campaign, it is necessary to have a mailing list, which is a database of people who have given their specific written consent to receive promotional e-mails. Profiling, audience segmentation, and targeting are never as, in this case, indispensable requirements for the success of the campaign because the message must be addressed to a specific audience.

The success of a Dem Marketing campaign, however, also depends on many other factors:

  • construction of the right message on a creative level, both from a textual and graphic point of view;
  • Images and texts must be personalized as much as possible;
  • The entire design must be responsive, that is, optimized in order to allow the e-mail to be read on all devices, from the desktop to the smartphone;
  • It must include a significant call to action, that is, capable of capturing the attention of those who open the message for simplicity, clarity, and immediacy;
  • Analyze the behavior of the user who receives the message, from the opening and reading of the commercial communication to the clicks made, up to the landing on the dedicated landing page and the final operation (purchase).

Which KPIs to monitor in a DEM campaign

The KPI to be monitored in Direct Email Marketing are, mainly:

  • The CTR (Click-Through-Rate), i.e., the percentage of people who have clicked on one or more links contained in the e-mail they received;
  • The CTOR (Click-Through-Open-Rate), i.e., the percentage of recipients who clicked on the message in relation to the total of them who opened the e-mail at least once;
  • The Conversion Rate, i.e., the percentage of recipients who click on a link contained in the e-mail and complete a specific action;
  • the Bounce Rate, i.e., the percentage of e-mails sent but not delivered successfully;
  • The Unsubscribe rate is the percentage of users who decide to unsubscribe from the mailing list.

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