How Ad Specialists Should Help Small Businesses

Small Businesses

Hard work does not guarantee success in a pandemic. Small businesses are especially at risk in this situation, as they are constantly subject to the specter of government-imposed restrictions that could eventually lead to bankruptcy; there are also new habits of consumers who simply started to buy and use other services or products than before.

In the United States, three out of ten small businesses say they are at risk of bankruptcy this year (according to a survey conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank). Meanwhile, it is the smallest company accounting for practically 50% of American economic activity and generating two out of three new jobs. Half of Americans work or own them.

Maybe the problem does not concern us ?

It is no different in Poland. Many businesses are closed due to restrictions; entrepreneurs are counting huge losses. In addition to the economic effects of the pandemic, we must take into account the problem of attracting new customers and other consumer requirements. Many companies have to adapt to market expectations on an ongoing basis.

Marketing –  yes or no?

Marketing spending is the first to cut when a crisis occurs. While owners know perfectly well that advertising is the key to attracting new customers, it is an expense, a luxury they simply cannot afford, as they record new losses each day. So how can the ad specialists work here?

First, they have to get as much out of each ad as they can. Creative content appearing in the right places is much better than hundreds of zlotys invested in unproven solutions. But if we work with a professional marketing agency, such action should not cause problems. Some people know the best about advertising and will be able to advise on how to achieve the desired success at a low cost. The entrepreneur, however, must have confidence in people who are specialists in this field. A great director is not always a great marketer.

Second, creativity is an invaluable tool in pandemic times. Lots of people are bored enough just to browse social media all day – and it’s our job to break through this white noise. How to do it? Marketing agencies know best, and they will be able to find the right keywords and portals that will reach our target groups in the blink of an eye.

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