How To Write (Better) Instagram Texts

Instagram Texts

Instagram is all about photos. They are in the first place, and they attract attention; they build the profile. On the other hand, captions are underestimated – despite the fact that they complement the graphics and add a good tone to the posts. Therefore, it is not worth ignoring them if we take our Instagram images seriously.

Does it even matter?

Very often, brands focus solely on photos. However, the text is the context for the picture – without it, the post loses its meaning. Appropriate copywriting is key here because it generates clicks, page views, and engagement from the audience. Sure, not everyone on Instagram reads captions; but if one reads, he expects that in these 2,200 characters, some thought will be conveyed.

The algorithm on this platform favors engaging posts. So if you get a lot of interaction, you’ll get priority, and Instagram will display your content on the board more often and even put it on the “discover” tab. So it pays to create quality posts to build a community and raise brand awareness. Obviously, not every successful profile cares about photo captions, but companies should definitely take care of every aspect of their marketing strategy. Usually, their goal is to sell, not just popular due to not-so-smart memes.

How to write better?

Now all you need to do is figure out what types of texts are most effective on Instagram. Let’s start with the basics.

First of all, keep it short. Users only see the first few words, and it’s up to them to expand the text further. And while we are talking about it – the best attention is drawn to questions, emoticons, unconventional statements. It is also not worth forgetting about the “call to action.”

Emoticons are a big part of Instagram. They should illustrate the text, organize it visually, and draw attention to, e.g., discounts and promotional codes. Ideally, your brand should be associated with specific images.

Don’t forget about matching hashtags! Hashtags are responsible for SEO on Instagram. Thanks to them, users can easily find your posts.

Ask questions. Recipients love to respond share their experiences, but they must be invited to do so. It is also worth discussing difficult but currently popular topics.

React to trends. If other companies in your industry follow a fad, you should also speak up.

Finally, don’t be afraid, to be honest. Users appreciate open storytelling, in which we reveal the backstage of our business describe challenges and failures!

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