Ecommerce Trends: The Key Points Of 2022

Ecommerce Trends

A detailed overview

This year all we have to say is how fast the online business is growing and when it is time to invest in it. Moreover, Now let’s see, within this enormous potential, what the 2022 eCommerce trends are to implement marketing strategies in the right direction and achieve higher and higher goals.

Beacon, Big data and predictive analytics, personalization, omnichannel, localization, and focus on the customer experience are the most important trends to keep under control in 2022.

What to watch and, above all, what to bet on.

The key points of these eCommerce Trends in 2022

1) Mobile revenue exceeds desktop

In 2019, global mobile transactions exceeded 40%, according to Criteo, and the percentage is expected to reach 70% by 2023. According to EuroItGroup’s estimate, mobile purchases will represent 50% of digital commerce in the United States.

2) Beacons increase sales in stores

Beacons are devices that, thanks to Bluetooth, are able to transmit and receive information to smartphones and tablets within short distances. 3.5 billion beacon devices will be installed in stores by the end of 2023 and will increase sales by around 10%.

3) Big Data and predictive analytics increase profit margins

Those who use Big Data can increase the average profit margins by up to 60%. While companies that do predictive analysis (on user behavior, company performance, etc.) see an increase in sales of 73%.

4) Advanced customization and customer-centric approach

The customer experience optimized based on the needs, preferences, and habits of the user-personas is a necessity and has become a real competitive advantage. 89% of managers are convinced that the customer experience will be the next main competition field. And it already is.

5) Omnichannel will be the new normal

According to Google, 85% of online consumers start purchasing on one device and then complete it on another device. This new type of multi-channel consumer buys more often and spends three times more than a “single-channel” consumer. In short, more than normality, it is appropriate to say that omnichannel is the new potential.

6) Accuracy of Location Data for Advertising Geolocation

-based mobile advertising will increase corporate revenues from $ 4 billion to $ 18 billion.

7) The Biometrics market will grow by 50%

By biometrics, we mean that category of technologies for authentication based on physiological or behavioral characteristics that are difficult to alter or simulate (from the fingerprints to the iris). According to forecasts by the Biometrics Research Group, this market will reach a value of $ 15 billion this year.

Omnichannel will be the new normal

8) No barrier between online and offline; digital invades the stores

The stores that use technology to meet the needs of consumers (and internal management) are the ones that will be most successful. The big brands have already installed iPads in the dressing rooms to allow customers to ask for support and check the availability of sizes, up to the point of installing state-of-the-art technologies such as “magic” mirrors to try on virtual outfits.

9) Adoption of integrated eCommerce platforms

Companies will adopt eCommerce platforms that offer increasingly integrated solutions, which support all touch points (contact points for exchanging information, providing a service, or managing transactions): from digital to traditional retail, up to enterprise technologies.

10) Interface Design to Increase Conversions

The UI (User Interface) refers to everything that stands between the user and the machine. Interface Design is the design activity of the UI and is increasingly studied and structured to reduce as much as possible the frictions or distractions of users and increase their conversions.

11) Dynamic web pages are replacing static ones

By dynamic web page, we mean a web page in which the content is not “static” but is generated on the spot by the server, being able to be different each time it is called up, allowing interactivity with the user. In 2022, many websites started using dynamic pages replacing static ones that are destined to be less and less used.

12) CRO, UX, and CX are the most requested new skills

There is a high demand for user psychology experts to improve the User Experience and Customer Experience (UX and CX) and statistics and analytics experts to optimize the rate of conversion (CRO).

13) Mobile Payments and Loyalty Programs

Integrating loyalty and rewards programs with mobile payments bring great results. Companies that take these measures will experience 36% growth by 2026.

14) Same-day home delivery

2022 is the year in which same-day home delivery will become the new norm. Just look at the launch (and success) of Amazon Prime Now in the UK and all the benefits of Amazon Prime for fast delivery and effective promotions around the world.

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