Mobile App Marketing: New Opportunities For Success

Mobile App Marketing

App or not the app?

Mobile App Marketing Any self-respecting marketer knows this: Most users log into the network using their smartphone and stay connected via mobile devices for 60 percent of the time they spend online.

But how does the user use his device, and how does he use it to connect? Well, apps collect 86% of the time spent on your mobile device.

Last year alone, 90 billion applications were downloaded that occupied users for trillion hours: impressive numbers that cannot leave developers and companies indifferent.

App and business

Despite the dizzying numbers, the companies that choose to invest in developing an app are really a negligible percentage. Because? Although there is the awareness that the web has revolutionized the world’s rules of marketing, most entrepreneurs still need to completely abandon the traditional vision of the economy, remaining anchored to a pre-digital mindset that is now outdated.

App and business: the advantages

Despite many’s skepticism, apps can be a valuable tool to improve corporate business. How?

First of all, an application can make the company famous, increasing its fame, value, and visibility. Secondly, having an app allows you to interact with your customers and vice versa: the user can write, relate to the brand, and feel an integral part of the brand.

In addition to the value aspects, apps also have technical advantages:

  • Browsing through mobile application is faster than the company website; it limits the slowdown and the risk that the user leaves the site due to slow loading of the page;
  • The purchase process is quicker and simpler ;
  • There is a saving in the management of campaigns, offers, and promotions that can be sent to its users with a few steps.

What are you waiting for, then? Create a revolutionary app for your brand and give a new impetus to your business; contact us!

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