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ACE Money Transfer

The increasing demand in the international remittance industry has led to new entrances in terms of service providers. ACE Money Transfer – a reliable remittance provider, emerging in the remittance industry- offers swift and secure transfer of funds worldwide. Comprising an extensive network of facilitators worldwide, ACE strives to deliver remarkable money transfer services.

You can send money to Bangladesh, France, European countries, or anywhere else in the world. All you need for online money transfer to Bangladesh is a smartphone and the ACE mobile application. Create an account on ACE and manage the swift transfer of funds to anyone via a smart mobile application.

Send Money via ACE Mobile Application

A significant number of people use smart mobile applications for different benefits. People are familiar with modern smart mobile apps, as they provide convenience in daily life. ACE Money Transfer presents a robust and user-friendly mobile application to manage the transfer of funds remotely.

You can send money to Bangladesh, European countries, Africa, or anywhere in the world. Follow these simple steps to make your first money transfer to your loved ones, friends, and family members.

● Download and Install ACE Smart Mobile App
● Signup & Login
● Enter Beneficiary Details
● Enter Amount & Send Money Transfer

Download & Install ACE Smart Mobile App

Like any other app in the market, the ACE Money Transfer smart mobile app is also available for android and iOS. You can download the smart mobile application based on the suitability of your mobile software (Android or IOS). Once the ACE smart mobile app is installed on your smartphone, you can send money to Bangladesh, Europe, or anywhere you want.

Signup & Login

Once you are done with the installation process, launch the ACE app, and log in to your account. If you are not already registered, then create an ACE account in just a few easy steps. After you are successfully logged in, you will be redirected to your ACE mobile app dashboard.

Enter Beneficiary Details

Provide required information about your beneficiary and make the transfer of funds. Make sure to cross-check the beneficiary information to avoid inconvenience in transactions. The beneficiaries can receive payments directly credited into their bank account.

Enter Amount & Send Money Transfer

The last thing to do is to enter the remittance amount that you wish to transfer. ACE Money Transfer provides the best competitive exchange rates and lowest transactional costs. Your remittance amount will be converted into recipient currency based on the updated exchange rate.

Safe And Secure Money Transfers Worldwide

As with the latest technological advancements, security has become one of the biggest concerns. Equipped with the high-tech security framework, ACE delivers a secure platform for money transfers. Your money is valuable, so you must always select safe ways to transfer money. The ACE smart mobile application allows customers to send money to Bangladesh, Senegal, or anywhere globally. Send and receive instant money transfers from any corner of the world to another.

ACE Money Transfer-Digital Mobile Application

Due to the busy nature of life, people are primarily in a state of rush. ACE Money Transfer understands the problems and provides an ultimate solution in a smart mobile application. If you are looking for an ultimate remittance experience, try the ACE Money mobile application. You can track the status of your payment with the aid of a transaction id. Customers can manage instant money transfers to any corner of the world with the ACE mobile app.


ACE Money Transfer, with its extensive services in 106 countries, provides a convenient money transfer solution. Sending money transfer is easy, quick, and secure with the ACE smart mobile application. If you are willing to send money to Bangladesh, Africa, Europe, or anywhere in the world, it doesn’t matter. Install the ACE mobile app today and make your first money transfer.

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