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Introduction About Movierulzfree website

In the world of piracy, movierulz is considered the king. Hundreds of websites do piracy but no website is anywhere near to movierulzfree website. This specific website has got a huge fan base of movie lovers. In the beginning, movierulzfree also started as one of the mirror sites for one of the popular piracy websites but slowly the admins of this page started to transform this website into an independent entity. The team first changed the whole user interface of the website and slowly started to add the content independently without depending on any other platform or competitor.

Many Countries then started focusing on movierulzfree websites and astonished after seeing their features and traffic. Then they started to ban this specific website as this is considered a massive threat to the movie makers across the world.

Overview Of Movierulzfree Website

Movierulzfree website looks pretty much the same as the original Movierulz website. But the old website will be in the black theme and the movierulzfree website will be in the blue color theme and most of the other features will be the same. The menu of this website will be slightly different from the movierulz website, this website has the options like Indian Movies, Dubbed movies, web series, and Tv shows. You can even search movies by Hero’s name or actress name. You can also search for movies by the year. Click on any movie thumbnail on the website and get redirected to a specific page with the movie-related stuff. Pick a torrent magnet with a specific size and click to download the torrent magnet.

This downloaded torrent magnet will open in the pre-installed torrent app on your PC. Then automatically the movie will start downloading. After the movie download from the movierulzfree website, you can watch it any number of times.

What’s The Need For Movierulzfree Proxy And Mirror Sites?

Sometimes, the Movierulzfree website will be down and there are many reasons why this happens. It is mostly because the government or cybersecurity officials will block this website and sometimes the website will be under maintenance and sometimes maybe your internet service provider will suspend this website. So, for this reason, you may need a few alternatives to enjoy the uninterrupted fun. In general, mirror sites or proxies are the websites that are designed as clones for a specific website, and this kind of website will have the same UI and Information. Mirror sites are developed with a motto that, whenever the original site is not available the users will get attracted to the mirror website as the look and feel of the mirror website will be the same as the original movierulzfree website. Here are a few websites which can be handy when the movierulzfree website is down. 

Updated List – 100% Working

  • Movierulz.professional
  • Movierulz. us
  • Movierulz.ol
  • Movierulz.cov
  • Movierulz.nh

Why Do You Need a VPN To Access Movierulzfree Website?

VPNs are currently trending in the field of technology as the advancements in technology led every person to restrict the other person’s access to any data. Also, the websites like Movierulzfree are banned in many countries and if you want to access such websites, you need to install a VPN and change the country, and then you can access these websites. We are providing you some top-notch VPNs that are very handy for you.

By selecting any VPN from the list and clearing the subscription fee you can start using the VPN and enjoy the films from websites like Movierulzfree. 

Why People Are Relying On Websites Like Movierulzfree?

The main reason why people are using websites like Movierulzfree is the cost of Movie tickets. Yes, day by day the prices of movie tickets have been increasing and people also don’t have time to go to the theatres. So, people started enjoying movies on laptops and PCs but the point to mention is that all the latest movies are available on many OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc but not immediately after their release but also there is a fair price to watch them. So, people start to adapt to websites like Movierulzfree. These kinds of websites will bring the latest movies immediately after the release and that too for free. This is the primary reason why people started to adapt to the websites like Movierulzfree. Coronavirus is another reason because it made everyone sit in their homes and it’s obvious that none can sit idle in their home. So, the demand for websites like movierulzfree has spiked and too many people started using them.

Is Anmie Available On Movierulzfree Website?

Yes, of course. There are a lot of videos available on the Movierulzfree website in different genres. Anime is one of the top genres where many videos are posted regularly. All the latest animes from Japan and other parts of the world are published on this website. You can directly watch them or download them in your preferred video quality.


We strongly suggest you never use websites like Movierulzfree. But, still, if you want to use such websites, please install a strong antivirus that can save your personal data and money from any type of hacking and install a good VPN from the list that we provided above and change the country and start using websites like Movierulzfree. Beware, before you click on any kind of third-party links as they can harm you a lot. Get ready with all the needed things like VPN and antivirus and enjoy the piracy movies or stay away from them. Never think that one single download will never affect the movie makers every single view or download affects a lot. Start watching movies on OTT platforms and theatres and don’t steal the bread of many hardworking film professionals.


Our blog never supports or encourages any kind of illegal activities like piracy. We strongly oppose them, the only reason why we write this article is to educate our audience about the websites like Movirulzfree and keep them away from such websites and protect them and the moviemakers who generally invest a lot of money in filmmaking. 

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